Mettings at the Cross

Meeting at Christ Cross

I am excited to be able to share some of the ways Christ has used the travels of His Cross as we follow his lead. On our first trip out we were traveling through some towns in NE. Ga. And NW. Sc. when I felt led to change our route to include 2 more towns on our way back to I-20 to get fuel. I did not notice a car turning at every turn we were making yet when we pulled into a Q.T. station my wife and another lady went in to pay for fuel. While they were a car that got gas pulled off to the side of trailer and got out coming over to ask if when his wife came out if he could stand on the trailer beside the Cross and have his picture taken. He told me they had been following us for about 12 miles hoping we would stop.  I gladly said yes and they took several pictures some including us then we had Prayer for them and went on our way.

On the next day of this trip which ended up being a 7-day trip we were just outside of Boone N c.. When my wife wanted to stop for snacks so I turned around to a road we had just passed and she went in for shacks and I sat in the truck. I noticed a man reading the messages on the trailer then a young lady came out of the store and they came up to me and asked if I would Pray for them. I asked them what they need Prayer for and the father told me how that he had lost his job and that they had lost their home . He then stated that God had given him a new job and they were living in the Motel 6 next to the station and that when he saw the trailer he felt led to ask if I would Pray with him to ask God to help them find another Home. After we Prayed and talked for a little bit my wife and I left and were on our way again.

These first 2 days taught me that when I take out the Cross and Messages I must be ready to change my plans at any time and allow extra time in each day for whatever Christ has for us to do that day . Still after 3 years of moving Christ Cross as we can I have found that most days will require me to change my plans along the way. Please Pray that my wife or I will always hear and respond each time Christ needs us to follow His Spirit as we travel with His Cross. You can find out more at www, May Christ keep all of YOU safe as you travel the highways.

Rev Larry Waits

Memorial Day and The Choice we MAKE

Today is June 1ST and We have a lot of Choices ahead of us. What America becomes is in the hands of us that follow Christ. The Bible says greater is He that is in US than He that is in the World. The Spirit of God that lives in every Christian United for the Sharing the Hope of Jesus Christ can not be Stopped. The only thing that can destroy America is if those that Belong to Christ sit back and do Nothing or will They will not Stand Up for our Right to Worship our Saviour and Share the Hope He offers all. Each of Us will each make a Decision that will Decide the way America will go. What will Your Choice Be? Will You Stand Up With Christ of will You do Nothing.

On that LAST DAY when We Each Stand Before Christ we will Answer for What we do at This Time in the Nation we Live and Those that that still Need to Know Christ as Saviour. Rev. Larry Waits


The Day after Mothers Day

The day after Mothers Day and all our Mothers will do just what Mothers all ways do . They will be there for thier familys in times of need, in caring for them and in and in Loving and Praying for the daily and Eternal needs of every member of thier Family. Thank you God for Godly Mothers. Until next Mothers Day God Bless All Our Mothers. Rev. Larry Waits

National Day of Prayer Update

National Day of Prayer update
The event went very well there were 6 churches with pastors there and 5 Prayed and spoke we had about 50 people and the Benton manor staff were great they took group photos around the Cross with a National Day of Prayer 2016 banner. I will share more and some photos as soon as I get then. God Bless each of you for your Prayers on This years National Day of Prayer.

National Day of Prayer 2016

Tomorrow is the National Day of Prayer and each one of us as Christains should go before the Thrown of God in as strong of Prayer as we can and ask God to allow us to have some Leaders that will turn our Nation back to His Will. Let us also commit ourselves to stand with Jesus Christ His Son with all we have and our service be do what ever it takes to ensure that the Message of What Christ did on the Cross will always be shared in America until Christ Return. Rev. Larry Waits

2016 Nation Day of Prayer Invite

Remember that this Thursday is the National Day Of Prayer and we all know that America needs a lot of Prayers for a Godly Leader to be elected this year. Also I have been asked to bring the Cross to an assisted living home where the pastors that have service there will be leading Prayer and the home wants to take pictures of the residents by the Cross.007 008


Move the Cross and Share Christ Love

We at CHRISTIANS STANDING UP FOR CHRIST JESUS are excited to share our plans to expand our number of trips across America in 2017! As doors are opened, we will be growing to become full time in our effort of moving the Cross of Christ to every city in our nation.

We need every Christian to come along with us. Help by standing with us showing God just how concerned we all are and join us in Prayer asking Him to allow his Son, Jesus Christ, to begin to heal our Nation, bringing Lost Souls to Jesus, making Him the Savior and Lord of their lives.

We believe that for every Christian who comes alongside in the work of sharing the message of Christ, that God will see our concern and allow Christ to heal and renew America as a Nation Standing Up for Jesus Christ.

You can help open the way for a New Awakening by becoming one of those always before God, ready to do HIS WILL and share His love for Lost Souls. The most important thing you can do to help is PRAY! We also need enough concerned Christians willing to help support our work to keep the Cross of Christ moving to every city in America and show God just how many truly care about where America is headed and the future of the Lost around us. We believe in the Power of Prayer!  We believe God needs to see more concerned and active Christians beseeching HIM to do more for America and the lost around us.

Christians Standing up for Christ Jesus




If You Had No Tomorrow!

What if you got up in the morning and found out it would be your Last Day to live? How would you spend that day? Is there someone you would need to say I Love You to, how about someone you need to forgive or someone you need to ask to forgive you. Is there something Christ has asked you do for Him and you have yet to do it? What about someone that you Love that needs to know about Christ. Has Christ led you to help some Ministry to share the hope He offers to All and you have not? Has Christ asked you to help someone in need and well not now Lord was your answer. How many things would you need to make right if TODAY was your last day to live? Last but surly not least are you yourself right with Christ and ready to meet Him TODAY? Just something you may want to think about before it is your Last day!

Rev. Larry Waits Just Thinking




To every Christian in America this message is for you. Today   we find our nation is falling away from what America began as. America is farther from the Moral and Godly Nation that our forefathers intended than it has ever been seen it’s beginning. America has become a nation that is trying to accept every form of religion and every form of Sin as normal and still hope God will protect us. IT JUST Won’t WORK! I say to each and every Christian that hears this message that America today stands on the same threshold in time that Israel did at the time they went into captivity, the same as Sodom just before God destroyed it.

America has allowed the worship of  False Religions, the spread of ungodly acts, and lies of Satan to become accepted as normal. If we God’s People continue to allow all or any of this to go on in our nation then we ourselves will surely cause God to turn his back on America. Just like he had to do to Israel and Sodom because he is a just God!

Fellow Christians if we want God to continue to protect and bless America as he has in the past then we must do something RIGHT NOW! The only real hope for America is for every Christian in America to not only wake up to what is happening in our nation. We must also be willing to stand up for Christ. To say no more Christian Rights will we give up, no more immoral laws will we accept in our nation, and no more lies of Satan will God’s People believe.

Fellow Christians if you remember nothing else please remember this one thing in God’s word it states ((Greater is he that is in us than he that is in the World)), 1 John 4-4. This means Satan does not have the power to take America from God’s People he can only get it by 1 of 2 ways. 1- God’s People can give it away by doing or saying nothing and letting evil run rampant in our land without Gods People there to keep it in check. (This is known as Tolerance which is one of the lies of Satan that many Christians have fallen for . ). The second way is that God’s People can become so entangled  in the sinful ways of the unsaved, fall for the lies of Satan, or the worship of other Gods. That God will lift his hand of protection from a people and their land and let them go to their own demise.

We must always remember that the God we serve is a just God and that his justice is the same today as it was in the days of Noah and the same as in the days of Moses. Let us also remember that the God we serve is also the same awesome God that went with Daniel into the Lions den, the same God that led Moses as he led his people.

Remember God never changes he’ll guide and protect a people that hears and serves him ! Let us not forget that at some point he must turn away from a none caring ,or a sin centered people or Nation. The hope of America is not in our political leaders, not in our appointed judges, not even in the pulpits of our churches. The only real hope for America is in Christians standing up for Christ ,staying the course that our forefathers began. Serving the only God that can protect America, and the only God that can save the souls of our friends and our loved ones from an ETERNAL HELL!                                                                                                                                                                                            Fellow Christians this day the day you hear or read this message you will make a decision. That decision will be if your going to stand with Christ and your fellow Christians and keep America a Moral Nation, or will you be one of those that sit back and do nothing .  Will you fall for the lies of Satan or Maybe  even try  sinful ways yourself, and give away the protection of God on America and the the hope of our children and grand children of a safe and moral Nation to live in. Give away the hope of lost souls to hear the true word of  God that can save their souls from HELL . Now you must choose .Will you stand with Christ and be a part of seeing Souls lead to Christ, or will you sit back and watch a once great Nation fall from  GODS GRACE  Rev. Larry Waits