Yesterday was a Sad day for all Christians


Yesterday was a very sad day for all Christians and our Prayers with the hurt and the family’s of those that died .
Now today each of us as Christian,s will be making a choice do I stay bold about being Christian or do I not show others how much I belong to Christ.
As a servant of Christ and one that travels all across America with a trailer that shares the Cross and Message,s of God,s Love and Hope for all mankind I must not let fear stop or hinder doing the work of Christ. Because doing so could well cause some Lost Soul to not see the Cross and turn to Christ or some fellow Christian not see it and begin standing up and proclaiming Christ where they live and drawing a friend or loved one to Christ as Saviour and Lord of their Life!
The fear of others dying and going to HELL must cause us to try even harder to share the Cross of Christ with all and not let it hold us back in these day,s of others trying to stop the sharing the story of what Christ did on the Cross for all that would receive HIm as Saviour and Lord of their Life.
Our Prayers are with all that were hurt and all that lost loved ones.

Rev Larry Waits


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