It use to be everyone told us Christians there was NO GOD and that was to be the end of it . Now I find that everyone is saying that every way we believe will get us to Heaven even though God,s Word The Holy Bible says No One comes to the Father EXCEPT THROUGH THE BLOOD OF HIS SON JESUS CHRIST.
Now with this being said some Pastors want to say it is like getting to any city where there are many roads in which you can get to IT.. That works very well getting to a city in this country ,but I do not know of any road that I can drive from Atlanta, Ga. to England or from in city in America that you may live in.
Seeing that Heaven is more like an Island not a city and God,s Word said we will meet Christ in the Air and that the Price for that trip MUST BE PAID FOR IN BLOOD then who has Paid for your,s and my way? Then also ask yourself this one Question if God allowed his OWN SON TO DIE ON ACROSS and there is other ways to get to Heaven do you really think you and I have a CHANCE of getting there any other Way?
Jesus Christ Himself Said. I am the WAY and the LIGHT and NO MAN COMES TO THE FATHER EXCEPT THROUGH ME!


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