Good morning let me share some thoughts that I have had inside for a while. This is just me letting you know what I am feeling at this point of Ministry work.
In the beginning of the Ministry I would have loved to have gone on the road with the Cross and Messages and watched other Christians give to keep it moving every day as it was in Christ day.Yet as I Prayed I kelp hearing God say in the day we live in that just would not work.
So now after 4 years of part time doing the sharing of the Cross of Christ and being burdened to go full tine sharing Christ Cross across America how do I find the other Christians that God already has in place to help keep the Cross and Messages moving from dat to day across our Nation?
So I come to each of you and ask would you Pray and ask God if you are one that he wants to Bless for helping to keep the Cross Moving? Then if you feel God wants you helping us please go to and lets all see just what God can do touching the Lives of the Lost Souls all around us here in America. God bless and Thanks


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