Good morning everyone and thanks for the Prayers as I have spent the last two weeks in making changes in my life in order to prepare to move the Ministry way of sharing Christ to the next level.
First I had to pass a stress test and then a D.O.T. physical in order to change jobs to allow God to help fund the next step in the Ministry..
As of yesterday I have gone from working part-time back to full-time to prepare to share Christ Hope at a new level.
The next six months will be used to raise funds to buy a motor home to pull the Cross and Messages with allowing us to stay in campgrounds and truck stops and any where God would have us to so we came have more one on one fellowship and contact with others about Christ.
Please continue to Pray for Christ leadership and provision as we move forward in Christ work and closer to being on the road full time serving Christ.

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105 people reached

Fathers day 2018


Let me ask each Father this morning are you a Child of God the Heavenly Father? If not I Pray this morning that God will begin a new work in you through Christ Gods own SON.
Next if you are a Christian Father are you taking a stand for and with Christ that will ensure that America will always be a Nation where all the kids of every Father in America will know the hope and Eternal Peace that God offers them through the Cross of Christ?

Ministry Update

Update about 10 days back I shared that I would be making a decision about what direction the Ministry would be going next. The choice I have made is to allow us to change from staying in hotels to being able to stay in campgrounds and truck stops and other places where we can meet and fellowship with those puts in our daily path. I will on Monday be taking a stress test so I can again use my commercial license and the health God still allows me to have to become able to get a motor home to pull the Cross across AMERICA.
The rest of this year we will still be doing at least one 3 day Ministry per month if God allows. God has allowed me to work for someone I know that believes in what Christ has me doing and is willing allow me time to do Gods will.
Please be in Prayer for Gods Work and Leadership as the Ministry serves and grows serving Christ Our Lord
Rev. Larry Waits


How do we get Gods work done? By working together for Christ Cause.If we had 10,000 fellow Christians sharing $1.00 a mouth to a cause for one year just think what that cause could do. Now if you had 100,000 Christians doing this then split in to 10 causes for Christ work how much could be done . and yet no one would have spent more tan $12.00 per year and yet thousands could be reached for Christ and many others needs provided for and all would received Blessings and rewards from God and Christ!
Then all doing something to keep Gods WORK moving with all receiving Blessing for Above can grow into something that can becomes something that cannot be stopped.


I am at awe that for the first time since the trailer was ready to travel that Christ has allowed us to make a trip for all 6 months of 2018 PRAISE GOD
Now we ask you to Pray for God to show us what next as you know we are wanting to change from pulling the Cross with a pickup and staying in hotels to pulling the Cross around with a small motor home so we can stop at camp grounds or truck stops and church events and more.This way we can show Christian Movies and start fellowship talks every evening we are on the road.
The two ways we see right now is for me to go back to work full time to raise the funds to move forward or our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to come along side the Ministry to make this happen. We will be asking God to show use His Will in this decision. Rev.Larry waits