Day 3 of ILL. TRIP
Sunday went very well went back to Assoc. of Christian Truckers location for Church Service then lunch after and some fellowship and then on the road back toward home.Later I stopped at a store in Ky. where a gentleman came up to the Cross and asked if he could take some pictures and I said yes. Then we talked about how he had just left The Ark Adventure just up the road and was on his way to a new military post for Him and that he had been in the Military for 38 years.
He made the statement that after seeing the Ark that he had a new outlook on The Bible. Then we both went our ways.



Day to of trip is over and again had a very good day. Started off this morning by meeting an older couple that was at the hotel where I stayed at last nite that had their house trailer and tow other ones on their property in Union City, Tn. Destroyed by a twister just about 10 days ago.They were injured but doing ok now. They both are Gideons.
Then this afternoon I spent about 4 hours with the folks at Assoc. of Christian Truckers. They were very nice, I learned a lot about what all they offer truckers that come by their location. Such as free coffee and snacks, free showers and they even fix meals for drivers from time to time. Most important I think is that there is always a Chaplain around if you need someone to talk to or Pray with.




Day one of the trip is done and I find myself still processing it. I can tell you that in the 4 years of pulling the Cross around America part-time that I never had such strong responses as I had today. One car the lady was driving and the man gave the Cross both thumbs up and was shaking them up and down.
Then another gentleman in a pickup rolled his passenger side window down a gave a thumbs up then put his hand out the driver’s window with a fist made like he was shaking it at Satan, then he changed side of the trailer and was waving his hand out the driver,s window praising the Lord.
Then when I got to the Hotel there were two cars of people that got excited about the Cross and one lady gave me a high five.
Wonder what tomorrow will be like.
plans have changed as I am closer than I expected which will allow enough time to take the Cross into Saint Louis.

Serving Christ

Serving Christ is a choice each of us that know Him as Saviour and Lord of Our Life is called to work to bring Others to Christ Cross.The real question is how? Not everyone or us can or will be called to be on the mission field in person for Christ.

Every church takes many Christians to keep the doors open so the Pastor can share the Message of Christ to those that enter there.

Every Missionary needs Christians supporting the needs of him and his family to stay in the land God calls him too. This takes thousands of other Christians standing behind him with support and Prayers to allow him to focus on the Lost where God has placed him and his family.

Every Ministry of God needs others if that Ministry is to be successful in doing the work that Christ desires them to do.This means that without other Christians joining the work of Christ by standing with those God has called to Share The Cross of Christ that the full number of those Lost Souls around us will not be reached and many will perish WITHOUT CHRIST AS SAVIOUR AND LORD !

Help us Share Christ Cross

This kind of post is very hard for me to do because I know how many each of us gets. Yet the burden to be on the road sharing Christ Cross is very heavy on me in right now.
I know what Christ wants me to do and I need your help to do it now.
With each of you standing with me we can share Christ Cross to millions of Lost Souls across America so I ask you to Pray and ask God if it is His Will that you should help kick off the Cross going on the road for the rest of this year.
ALL it would take is for every one that follows our page to donate a one time gift of $10.00 dollars.
Thanks and God Bless each of you that will Pray at least and let God decide what our next step will be after the 2 trips we now how have planned.



It saddens me to say that I felt I had to unfriend a couple of friends because almost every post they shared was putting other Christians down because of which Bible they liked.
In this time of our Nation,s need for Christ Leadership may I suggest that we unite ourselves at the foot of The Cross of Christ and work side by side to share the Love of Christ with the Lost Souls before it is too late for them.
Please join us as we stand united for one Christ that DIED to Save ALL that would call on His Name and Recieve His Blood for the remission of their SINS. Rev Larry Waits


When someone tells you there is no Heaven or Hell what do you say? First do not let them lead you into a corner where you feel like I do not know what to say. Instead just ask them ok lets say you are right and I am wrong what have I lost! If you are right and there is no Heaven I have lost nothing I just die and thats it BUT if there is a Heaven and a Hell what are you going to lose. If there is no Heaven I die and feel nothing, yet if there is a Heaven and you are not going there and end up in Hell then instead of dying and feeling nothing you will end up being in pain and suffering for all ETERNITY. Now you tell me which of us has the most to lose if we are wrong?


We have two trips in the planning stages right now the first one will be the 26 through the 29 of this month. This trip will be our first trip going north this year. We will be going up to Ill. then working our way back home from there. We will be visting the Ministry, Assoc. of Christian Truckers.

Then we will be going to S.C., the first weekend in June to be at a church that does a Ride for Jesus every June.

We hope some of you will get a chance to see the Cross and Messages as we travel. We will post the routes and days of our trips a little later and if you are along the way and would like to meet we can try to arange that.