The Eternal Christmas Gift

As we approach another Christmas let us not forget that one perfect Christmas Gift that God sent to mankind in the form of a Baby on that day so long ago. Jesus was born as GOD,S gift to mankind . Jesus spent the last 3 years of His Life giving unto others. We know that He gave sight to the blind, mobility to the lame, He feed thousands and He raised the Dead.

Jesus last 3 years was filled with teaching and giving hope to all those he around Him as he traveled from city to city.Then came that day in His life he gave to all that would believe on Him that one last ETERNAL GIFT. He beaten and mocked and spit upon as He took upon Himself the SIN,S of all mankind.

Then He walked up that hill where He would allow them to NAIL HIM TO A CROSS and He hung there in the air for all to see. Then as they stood laughing and mocking Him He gave mankind the Best Gift ever given HE GAVE HIS BLOOD AND HIS LIFE for all that would receive Him as LORD AND SAVIOUR. of THEIR LIFE.

AS Christ lowered His Head and DIED he gave all that would receive it Eternal Peace with Him and Father God for all Eternity and so now will you accept THE ETERNAL GIFT OF SALVATION.   Rev.Larry Waits

The New Spikes are Made

As some know the Cross was lost during the storm in Sept.,2017 . We have had the New Cross for about 2 months and received the New Crown of Thorns last month. Now today we received the New handmade spikes which means that when the trailer with the Cross and Messages rolls next the Cross will again be complete.Praise GOD and may he Bless my friend that remade the Spikes one more time for us.


Today I make the first notice of a new group to be the true force behind sharing the Cross of Christ across America. This group will be those that care enough about LOST SOULS to come along side with Christians standing Up for Christ Jesus and make it possible for us to keep the Cross and Messages of Christ Hope for Eternal Peace for ALL that will Except Him as Saviour on the road across America for at least 250 days a year beginning in 2018.

The members of Movers of Christ Cross will be made up of churches andpersons that will help us for-fill the calling of Christ to share His Cross across America by Praying for and supporting the movement of Christ Cross by donating at least $120.00 as a single donation or as $10.00 per month to Christians Standing Up for Christ Jesus.

To be able to keep the Cross moving at least 250 days across America in 2018 we need 777 churches and concerned Christians to come alongside us as we try to reach the Lost Souls here in America.Let me say THANK YOU to all the Churches and Fellow Christians that will become part of Sharing Christ Cross and God Bless. Rev Larry Waits

Planning Our Longest Trip To date

We are now planning our longest trip up to this date. We are making plans to do a 11 day and 10 nite coast to coast trip with the Cross and Messages. As of today our plans are to leave on Jan. 11, 2018 to go to Jacksonville,Fl. then take I-10 to L.A.,Cal. then north to I-40 and back home.Please be in prayer for us as we plan and make this trip. If you feel led to be part of helping make this trip happen and more after it we would welcome your donations as we would love to keep the Cross and Messages on the road for Christ at least 200 days in 2018.