I would like to say a special thank you to the two gentlemen that called and said they wanted to be part of keeping the Cross Moving A cross AMERICA. and thank you to the 80 year young lady that called and wanted to have a copy of the song Awake Arise Ye Christians.

Let me also thank all that have gone to the web page. I will go ahead and say thank you to all that are sending donations in by mail that I know nothing about yet but Christ does. May God Bless all that comes along side the Ministry as we Carry The Cross from city to city and state to state. We will be going out again on Sat. up to Tn.

Trip Over

I just got home about an hour ago. The 3 days went great with many reading the messages on the trailer and several taking pictures of the Cross. Each day several would walk up to the trailer while I was stopped to have their picture taken by the Cross and Messages. A couple of them walked away in tears and said the awe of it touched them.I went to church this morning at Union Baptist Church in Salem, S.C.
Last night and again just as I got home I received phone calls from 2 that heard the story on A.F.R. and called to say they liked what Christ has me doing and wanted to be a part of Moving the Cross. Thank each of you as you will never know how much each response lifts me up to go even more. What an awesome God we serve.Thank each of you and i will try to post some pictures in the next coupe of days


A GREAT BIG WELCOME to each of you that have stopped by to check out our page after hearing tour story on A.F.R.

We are pleased to have you come by i will be updating when I get back home on Mon. as right now I am in Myrtle Beach, S.C. with the Cross and Messages. We go on the road with the cross every chance we get and this is a three day trip

We are in the planning stage of doing a 10 day coast to coast trip with the Cross and Messages early next year. Going from Jacksonville,Fl. to LA. Cal. by way of I-10 then back. Then we will be working on moving the Cross and Messages onto the truck so we can pull a camper with us allowing us to set up at campgrounds and truck stops. This will allow us to have a lot more fellowship with those of you that we hope to meet as we travel across America for Christ.

Again thanks for checking out site out and may Christ be with you and Bless each of you. Rev. Larry Waits.


Just checked in at Days Inn at Goose Creek,S.C.. Had a good run today with truck with new parts and new Cross and Crown of Thorns on the Cross. Will go into Charleston, S.C. first thing in the morning and then several towns and city,s in this area.Keep Praying that some will see the Cross and come to know Christ as Saviour and Lord of their life and that some that know him will decide to begin a new work to led others to Chris

Looking at the New Year.

2018 Is just around the corner and we would like to share our Goal with all of you as we see them right now.

First we are Praying and asking Christ that 2018 will be be year that we will be able to go full time on the road with the Cross and Messages for Christ. This would mean That we would be traveling across America between 220 to 250 days Sharing the Cross and Messages through the cities and towns in all 49 states where we can travel too.

We would ask you to be in prayer for Gods leadership as we try to serve Christ in everything this Ministry does. We also would love to have as many as God leads to become partners with us by supporting the travels of The Cross and Messages.

In the next couple of days we will be Sharing about what we will be calling THE SOURCE BEHIND THE CROSS.


Good morning and welcome to our new visitors to Christians Standing Up For Christ JESUS web page. We want to thank all those that we talked with this Sat. and Sun. at Hogansville,Ga.for allowing us to share what Christ has called us to do with the Cross and Messages. thank all of you that became part of helping Move the Cross by getting and wristband or key chain or Full Armor of God coin. May God Bless each of You Rev.Larry Waits