Spent this afternoon repairing the trim around the edges of the messages on the trailer. Will be going to Tyrone ,Ga. in the morning to be part of Founders Day. I will be there with The rock Baptist Church and will have wrist bands ans Armor of God coins. These will be giving for donations and will help to redo the Cross and to provide for our next road trip with the Cross.


When all Falls Apart

After the loss of the Cross in the wind and rain of the last storm I found myself questioning if it meant God was saying stop or if it was to see if i meant it when I told him I would serve Him till my last dying breath if He needed me to. Then as the days went by my thoughts became fixed on a long time friend that was dying and at the same time my wife’s sister was also passing away. Between all this I lost focus and started to give up.You find yourself asking am I hearing God right and you ask am I doing it the right way.

The Wait Goes On

To nite the waiting goes on. My wife is waiting to hear if her Sister has passed yet as she knows her breathing is slowing down. A friend of mine,s family is counting the days as a husband and father is passing away and I know thousands more around the world are feeling the same as these I just shared about. Let us as servants of Christ decide today to make it our promise to share Christ with all we meet so when someone else is waiting on a loved one or friend to pass away. That they can have a peace because someone shared Christ with that one they love or knows as a friend is going to a place of Eternal Peace. Will you share Christ with all you know so others can face the lose of a Loved One or Friend with assurance that they are Eternally Safe with Christ?

True Words By A Friend

Folks i got me a lil problem. Nothing major, like a crisis, but a problem none the less. My prob is spiritual. Not with what is written in the bible but with peoples perception of the bible. That perception being ” dont take the Word so literal”. Why not?
Every religion takes their book to heart, but as a Christian im not. Sounds like the devil is hard at work. The devil believes in God. God made him and all angels. Is this not true.?
Then why must we as Christians in the belief of our Creator, not be so literal? Ook…so tell me what part?
The beginning where God created the earth and everything on it? Orthe part where Adam was created from a speck of dust? Eve created from Adams rib? Or the serpent in the garden? The fact that a few great men lived to see new millenials? Or the fact that Jesus was born to the virgin Mary? Or that fact that Jesus gave his life for us?
It truly seems that everyone reads the bible differently. Now we know that old testament is about God and the time b4 Jesus. New testament is about Jesus and his disciples. So which one and who are you(devil) to steer me or anyone else away from Gods word on earth. Stop and think. Does the Lord speak to your heart head conscience or what? Even us as Christians are still being divided by the devil. And its right in front of you. You choose to tell people the stories are fables…that my friend is the devil pushing you from the truth. We were warned of that. I can barely remember some things likee scripture because we are told to never add to His word nor subtract from His word. But i may be too literal…i dont think so. We as Christians have alot of work to do , and i personally think that we need to get to work. We need to take our word to heart. We need to spread the gospel. We need to help those that need help. We as Christians need to be as devoted as the muslims, amish, mormons, pick one. Even the devil has followers that have more faith than most Christians. We must unite and spread Gods word. Be a rock in your faith. A rock. Immovable.
I fight this in every aspect of my life.
What do you think when the time comes and we must stand b4 God and Jesus and be Judged according to our works and book.? What will you say when you are asked about your faith b4 God Almighty? That you didnt take it as literal as the muslims took their book? That you didnt believe those eevents happened? That Jesus dying on the cross was a metaphor? I want to know what yall think. Im looking for a better understanding. Otherwise we are wasting time. My life is not a waste. Nor is yours. We dont have much time left. But we need to unite on a better level than where we are at.

This was written by a young man that I have known since very early in his life. I have laid on the hood of our car with him and his sister to watch for shooting stars. He has come a long way from that little boy.t

America A Nation in Distress

America a nation that no longer fears GOD. As we look at America today we see a Nation that once stood for Moral Values and the Natural Laws of God,s Word. Yet now American has come to be a People that feels that what every one feels good then it must be OK for me to do it and no one can say it is Morally WRONG or they are being hateful.
If you look back through the pages of history you will find that every time a nation has turned from following God,s Word to following their own lust there has always been time of suffering and destruction.
As we look at the daily news across America each and every day now all we read about is Murder,s and Thefts and Protest and other types of Evil.Can we truly expect God to Bless and Protect a nation that not only seems to want this type of life, but even goes so far as to try to destroy anyone that says they are wrong. Has any NATION IN HISTORY ever turned as far away from GOD and not suffered of been destroyed? Will American,s turn back to God and His Laws that keep and people within His protection or will America fall as so many other Nation,s have done throughout History?

The Storm and the Cross

On Monday I was driving across Al on Hwy.21 going south toward I 85 when somewhere along the way the storm winds got hold of the Cross and the braces must have broke loose. I did not see when it happened but when I stopped I saw the Cross was gone. I back tracked for about 80 miles yet never did see it. I did call Al dept of Transportation in the area I was traveling and gave them my number to call if they find it.
I Pray that even if we never get this Cross back that it will still bring Lost Souls to Christ in some way. we will repair the trailer and build another Cross.Thanks to the Love of Christ and his concern for others the man that built the spikes for the last Cross has said he will build us more Spikes for the new Cross. Please be in Prayer for the rebuild and the work to get the trailer on the road again for Christ and also for the plans to hit the road full time for Christ By next year. God Bless and Protect all.


Getting out of Harms Way

On last Saturday as I was traveling in Tn. and Al. I saw many folks that were getting out of the way of the approaching storm. Everywhere i would stop there would be those asking where they could find lodging and they would be wondering when they would be able to go home. At the hotel I stayed in on Friday nite family and friends were arriving almost all nite.
on Saturday morning I had the chance to talk with a few of them and heard their stories and worries and how they had concerns over friends and family.
Makes you wonder if it was me and my family in this rush to get out of harms way with no way to know what we would go home to would our Faith be strong enough to keep us strong?