The Question No Man can Answer

The Question that no Man can Answer!
The hour of day that each of US Will Die no one can say. Yet unless Christ comes Quickly each of us will Die.
The Day of Christ Return for His Church only God knows. Yet God will one Day say to Christ GO AND CLAIM YOUR BRIDE.
So this leaves only one question that each of US MUST ANSWER will I receive Christ as Saviour and Christ of My Life.
We come to the Cross for Jesus. If we believe and except what Jesus offers we leave with him as Christ of Our Life for all Eternity.


America Reaping What She Has Sown

Yes the title means just what it says. We and those before us over the last several generations have failed to plant the thoughts and laws of our Heavenly Father in the lives and in the culture of our nation America. So now because we allowed others to take God,s Word out of our schools and allowed ourselves to be afraid to correct our children in public. We now have a society that can not even handle someone showing them their mistakes or trying to guide them in the path of Good.
Now we are reaping a culture that hates right and only wants their own way no matter who it hurts and that it is not even lawful to do or have.
America is standing at the doorway of forgetfulness when it comes to where America came from and the Blessing God has given her through out her Past.Without a re-awaking of the values that once guided America,s Leaders and the lives of her citizens America cannot survive as a Nation that God can or will Protect and provide for her people.
Right now even today each of us must decide will we and our family stand up for Christ and Gods, leadership on America or will we continue to step aside and allow America become a nation where Evil lust and wants determine the daily lives of our citizens. Only we and no one else can turn America back toward once again being a Nation that God will once again Bless and Protect in her future.
The choice is ours to make,the results will be known and felt by those that follow in the years to come.What we decide in the next few years will forever determine the way the lives of our next generations live.
Rev Larry Waits.


Pray for those in storm

As we begin today let us all be in Prayer for those in the path of this storm that is hitting the coast area of Tx. and La.. May there be a swift and total response to the needs of all those touched by the damage of the storm.Let us also Pray that calm will be with these and that all resources will be quickly put in place to care for their needs.


The Darkess Came Over Us


Now let me share about the eclipse as even as the clouds did not let us see the moon blot out the sun we were all amazed at what happened as the clouds began to get darker and darker you could feel as the darkness wrapped around you and the feeling made many ask each\other can you feel it. One by one you could here others say the same thing.and YES I did feel it also and could not keep from wondering just how close was this to what they felt that day as Christ Said It Is Finished and the Darkness came over all that were there.


I will try to post a video or 2 tomorrow. So for now let me tell you about the day at Sky Valley,Ga. during the eclipse yesterday. First there was not a large crowd there so meeting others was very easy . The 2 I will tell you about are first a family that had come from Scotland to see the eclipse they were there with family they had never meet that lived near Atlanta, Ga. and had rented a place in Sky Valley. This was the second time they had traveled to see an eclipse and both times clouds had got in the way.
Next was a gentleman that was a photographer that had seen several eclipse before and he was there to take pictures of what others were taking pictures of around him. He did take a couple of me as I was shooting the video,s of the Cross. He said he would email a couple and I will share them when they come in.




I have been off line for a couple of days as I left out Sunday morning to Sky Valley,Ga. for the eclipse . I went to church Sunday Morning at Grace Baptist Church in Mountain City, Ga.. I enjoyed the service very much,yet I had never been in one just like their service was.beginning with the on screen countdown for the service to begin through how everyone knew just when to come up and do their part. The message was very well brought out and carried through to the offer for Salvation.


Tonight is the night I am ready to leave in the morning to go up to Sky Valley, Ga. to make a video of the Cross and Messages as the eclipse turns day into night and back again. The site is set I have the camera now all I Pray for is God in control to produce a video that will draw Lost Souls to the Cross of Christ and Eternal Peace with Him for ETERNITY.




We in America find ourselves living in a time when many want to destroy everything that reminds us of our past. Yet even if they should destroy every one of them it would not CHANGE THE PAST. They forget that by looking back at where America has been is the only way to make sure that we never return there again.
The anger and hate that we are seeing in the streets of America today show us how little the PAST has taught us and I fear those that are involved in this attempt to erase the past from our view care not what America,s Future will become.
No America is not perfect but erasing things that show where she came from will never help keep our eyes on where America should be going as a Nation. Rev Larry Waits.