The church you see behind the trailer is Shadnor First Baptist in Union City Ga.. The reason it was the very first picture I took of the trailer and a Church was because of the firsts in my life that began here. In march of 1966 I excepted Christ as my Saviour here. In Feb.1970 I wed my Wife in this church. A few years later I spoke from the pulpit of this church about Jesus Christ for the very first time in my life. So as you see 3 First in my life happened in this Church so it holds a very special place in life.




Awake, Awake Ye Christians the time to fight has come.
The Battle Cry has sounded we now must stand as one.
The hope of Lost around us depends on us this day.
The Cross of Christ before us will lead us all the way.

Awake, Arise Ye Christians come join the fight today.
Christ our risen Saviour will lead us all the way.
Lost Souls that are around us depend on us today.
The Cross of Christ before us Eternal Hope displayed.

Arise, Arise Ye Christians the fight has now begun.
The Battle lays before us the Victory must be won.
The Enemy around us stands ready to devour.
We must not faint or falter in this Gods greatest hour.

Fight on, Fight on Yea Christians we follow Christ today.
The Power of God protects us so in the fight we stay.
The Enemy now is running the Fight is almost won.
The Cross of Christ before us leads lost ones to God’s Son.

Praise God, Praise God Ye Christians the battle has been won.
The Power of God before us The Victory Is God’s Son’s.
Lost Souls now safe from Satan belong to Christ today.
The Church of Christ united stood Fighting all the way.
The Church of Christ united stood Fighting all the way!
Rev. Larry Waits



Soldiers of Christ

30,000,000 PLUS SOLDIERS OF CHRIST STANDING WITH AN AWESOME GOD Fellow Christians let us invite you to become one of the 30,000,000 plus soldiers or The Army of Christ .Christians committed to standing up for the Word of God. Christians concerned for the Lost Souls of America and the rest of the world
The requirements are few. First believe in the God that created Heaven and Earth. Second to have accepted the Blood of Jesus Christ that will save you from Hell. Third like Christ care about all the Lost Souls Satan is trying to steal each and every day.
Now is the time for every Christian to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Time to stop allowing Satan to steal the Moral rights and values that were given to us by God. Time to insure future generations of Americans will be able to hear the Word of God and have a morally safe nation to live in.
What must we do? First pray on a regular basis for God to unite his people into an Army able to stand against Satan and his plans to eliminate the spread of God’s Word.
To pray for God to give America leaders with the moral values needed to keep America One Nation Standing up for Christ Jesus Forever! Pray that God will use you to stand between Satan and the Lost Souls of this world. Then listen to God’s Holy Spirit and follow his leadership in whatever God needs you to do.
Let me take this time to thank both God and you for standing up and saying No to Satan and for caring about the future of America and the millions of Lost Souls of today and tomorrow. Rev. Larry Waits


I hope each of you will Pray and see if Christ would have you Pray and Stand with Christians Standing Up for Christ Jesus as tomorrow we begin 40 DAYS OF PRAYER leading up to a major step that God has opened up for the Ministry.
First Pray that I will know and stay inside of God’s will as we move forward and that every thing we do will draw more Soul,s to the foot of Christ Cross and to the Eternal Peace that only Christ can Give!
Also let me let you all know that under the leading of the Holy Spirit by things that were shared by other Christian leaders the Ministry is now a 501(c) 3 non profit.I say this so as you Pray you might also ask Christ if you are one of the ones that HE wants to empower the Ministry to finish off 2017 with at least another 100 day,s on the road with the Cross and Messages.
Then Pray that He will provide so the Cross and Messages can be on the move across America at least 250 days in 2018.
Let me close this way by thanking all my friends and those of you I have yet to meet with a God Bless YOU and may He keep you and your,s safe.
P.S. If you would like to have the Cross come to your Church or City just let us know as we will be planning our travels as Christ shows us where He needs the Cross to be seen.
Christ Blessing on ALL Rev. Larry Waits.



Here are a couple of pictures of this past weekend in north Ga.. dozens of folks came by to read the messages and several did donate and get a wristband or key chain even had one to donate and not want anything. One family took pictures by the Cross to share with others. There were many others that read the message from afar. Many others waved or of gave a thumbs up as they passed by the Cross ot the way up and back this weekend. Please Pray that the Holy Spirit will draw at least one Lost Soul to Christ Cross and Eternal Peace with Christ in Heaven.




Today went very well with a lot of people coming by the Cross and Messages. Several got wristbands of key chains to help move the Cross more. Met someone from a youth camp in the area and we talked about bring the Cross up there later. Talked with some from a few churches about bring the Cross to their Church for V B S. Will post a picture or 2 when I get back home



Jesus Christ has the power to raise the dead and give them life. He had the power to heal. Jesus had the power command nature. Christ had the power to command evil spirits. Jesus had the power to lay down His Own Life and take it up again. Jesus Christ has the Power to forgive you of all Your Sins and and give you ETERNAL PEACE AND JOY!


This Sunday we will be traveling with a youth group from The Rock Baptist Church out of Tyrone, Ga. to Maryville,Tn. as they begin a week of Ministry and service to a Christian camp ground and those around the area.

The Cross and Messages will be in the Knoxville,Tn. area Sunday evening and in the Chattanooga,Tn.area on Monday then back home on Monday evening.Please Pray that Christ will use the Cross to draw someone to Christ Cross as they see the Cross on this trip.