There is just 2 days left in this half of 2017 then 4 more days till JULY 4TH a day we all celebrate Americas Independence. So as you prepare to celebrate Americas Independence I would ask you to take some time from now till July 4th to ask yourself where or what does YOUR dependency come from. What or who would you depend on if things whet wrong in your life or our Nation.

Do you have Faith in Christ to carry you through your times of trials or do you just hope it all works out. If trouble hit our Nation would you lose all hope because you depended on our Government for your hope and things. Maybe you just say I can take care of me and mine.

I Pray that if you do not already know Christ as Saviour and Lord of YOUR LIFE that you will seek Him and allow Him to be Whom all your Faith and needs and protection are placed in. Christ and Him alone is the only one who can offer full dependency to all that will receive Him as Lord and Saviour from now through all eternity.

Closing Thought,s

I hope as you have read these posts on what if Man had not Sinned that it has helped you to see the damage that sin has caused in the world and will cause in Your Life. The only way to protect yourself form all the bad results of Sin is to come to the Cross of Christ and make Him lord of you Life                          Rev. Larry waits

The Next Missing THING

We are a few years later and both Cain and Able are young men and both brothers are very happy. You see there is no conflict or worry over sacrifices as without Sin there is no need for them. Life is still a time of total Peace.

Why would I think about these things when I cannot turn time backwards. The reason is the more we understand about what it could have been the more we can see what we will miss if we do not belong to Christ when he returns to claim His own. Also we can understand more of how it will be in Christ 1000 year reign here on Earth.

The Journey Begins

We begin in the Garden with Adam and Eve and they have just refused to eat of the forbidden fruit and Gods appears and throws the serpent out of the Garden forever. GOD is talking with Adam and Eve and history as we know it has been undone and a new one has opened .

God,s Creation has just decided to follow the Creator and stay within His provision and His Blessing. History just lost words such as death,sickness, pain, doctors, and hopelessness.

Where I will get the basics for the post.

The post about what the would might be like if man had not sinned will be based on the following things stated in God,s Word. 1-God said when he was finished Creating the world ,that is was Good. Which I take to state that all of Creation was at Peace with God and itself. 2-God told man and animal,s and stated for the plants to reproduce and fill the earth. Meaning that provision would be there for all that came after. 3- Before SIN man and God walked and talked with each other in person. Thus showing that God was with man to help with all. It is believed by most that have studied Gods Word that if Sin have never happened that all of Creation and Nature would have lasted for all Eternity. REV. Larry Waits

What God Created For Mankind.

In the beginning God Made a World for mankind to live in for all Eternity. A place where there would be no Death or struggles no sickness or pain. A place where all animals would be man,s pets and they would live forever side by side. Mankind was made to eat of the fruit and herb,s of the earth and the animals would eat the grasses and leaves of the bushes and trees.

Nature would be at peace with all that lived with it for all time. There would be no storms or shaking or the earth. No floods or tornadoes or destruction of any kind. Nature and man were made to live in peace with each other for all time. Only SIN was able to place Man and Nature at odds with each others and the God that Created all that was made to live in peace with each other forever. Rev Larry waits



The last 24 hours has seen people all upset about this thing with Paris in it,s name. The papers that would cost us in the U.S. more than anyone else in the world.and cost us more jobs lost in America than any other country. They want us to believe that if this Accord fails we will all DIE in just a few years.
First let see say that I do understand that our Climate changes on a constant basic and the Earth has warmed and cooled on many occasions and will keep changing until Christ returns. The very thought that Man CAN CHANGE what God has set in motion is so far fetched that anyone that thinks we mere humans could change that which God Himself has declared in HIS HOLY WORD can be changed by man MUST NOT UNDERSTAND just WHO GOD IS!