June 5 2017

On June 5 weather permitting we will be taking the cross and Message,s to Bremen,Ga. to a cowboy church service at a old western stye town with a Pastor preaching from horseback and I do not know what else. If you live in the west Ga. area close to I-20 I think it  starts at 7.00 pm. Will share more when I can find out more.


Good morning as I have not posted anything in the last few days I thought I would share what is going on with the Ministry.
I hope you have heard that we are now a 501(c) 3 and as such in donations can be shown on your taxes. because of this we are in the process of having new business cards made . we are also in the process of raising funds to prepare for a long trip in June or July. Please be in Prayer for the Ministry as we move forward with Christ.


We are now a 501(c) 3 Non Profit

Ministry update today I got the letter from the I.R.S. stating that Christians Standing Up For Christ Jesus has been approved to be a 501(C) 3 Charity . Now anyone that donates to help the Ministry with sharing the message of Christ can now take any donation off their taxes. It took a lot to get here thank God for allowing it to come about. Now together let us see just how many Lost Souls we can share the Cross of Christ with.



May has got here and all nature is come alive and this Friday 5-5 2017 we will hit the roads again with the Cross And Messages. This trip we will be going to the southeast corner of Ga..We will be going through several towns on Friday and Saturday then will visit a Church on Sunday Morning and another on Sunday Evening. I do not know which one,s as of now. Then on Monday will be coming back north to the Atlanta area and home.This trip is part of goal to finish going through every city in Ga. this year.

We will also be doing other long trips in the upcoming months if it is Christ will. Rev Larry Waits