This morning I woke up and sat in my chair as I do every morning and watched out my window to see a new day that Christ has allowed me to be part of. There are 6 bird feeders in my view as I look out my window and what see each day is about a dozen different kinds of birds all sharing the same feeders every day and not one of them hurt the others.There are some small Wrens all the way up to a Crow every now and then.
Then out the same window I have watched as the Flowers and new leaves have appeared on the trees and flowers out my window. I have yet to see a single Bird plant a seed to make sure it has more seeds later of a tree or flower plant another of it,s on kind to make sure more will come later.
Unless I have lost my mind I can not remember a single year of my life when there were no Birds or trees or flowers for us all to watch. God provides these for us and provides what the Plants and Animals of the wild need everyday.
So if we trust and belong to Him can he not care for each of our needs if we will allow him to guide us?


Today with the Cross

This morning I went to the flee market with the Cross and Messages and had a very good day. I did raise over 100Dollars for the next trip, yet the best part was meeting all that came to look at the Cross and read the Messages. Many really liked what they saw and said keep it going. Even had one man that came by and donated and asked if I would be there a while as he would leave and come back and give me a copy of a Christian book he had written and some tracts he had written. We had some a good talk and he said he would Pray for the Ministry every day.

I never know what or who Christ is going to have me meet any time I take the Cross out for others to see. We truly serve an Awesome Saviour!

Comment info.

Lately there have been several comments posted that I liked very much and I tried to respond back to by email. The email on these post would not work.Sorry I could not get back to you.

I cannot put post up unless I know that there is any way those that visit this page could not be faced with seeing anything that would not match what Christ would have seen by those that follow Him.

I thank all that follow our site and promise to do all I can to provide only message that will help you know more about Christ and things that will bring you closer to doing what He would have you do for Him in your life Rev. Larry Waits

The Last Step In Becoming A 501(c) (3)

The last step of becoming a 501(c)(3) is now in process .The final papers have been sent to the I.R.S . Now we wait and see what Christ will do in bringing Christians Standing Up For Christ Jesus to the next level and closer to being a full time Ministry. Then we can make plans to spend many more days on America’s highway’s and byway’s sharing the Hope and Love of Christ across this Nation that we live in AMERICA.

Please keep the Ministry in your Prayer’s as we keep moving forward with and for Christ.

Where to next?

We just got home Sunday and have now got a new supply of wristbands with new colors and got some more key chains as all the first key chains are gone. Now as for the next trip I have two that asked for the Cross to come to their towns ,1-in La. and 1-in Tx. so I will be trying to see how to arrange to come to these on the next trip. Please be in prayer as the Lord helps me make the plans for a trip to visit these city’s and others along the way

Yesterday at Cades Cove Tn.

While at Cades Cove we took a picture of Cross and Messages at the Baptist Church there. A little later we met a family from Al. and they took a picture of their daughter by the Cross and allowed me to also take one to share with the Ministry friends. Praise the Lord they also donated to keep the Cross moving and most of all this young girl and her Mom took time to hold my hands and Pray for the Cross and the Work of the Holy Spirit that those that see the Cross be touched by Christ.