Something about me



Today is the day my wife and my daughter and her family get back from their cruise. It has been ten days they were gone and from what i have heard from them they all had a GREAT time. Today just happens to be my wife and mine 47 Anniversary .In all these years this is the first one that I was the one waiting for her instead of her being home waiting for me to come in off the road as a truck driver.

Up date 2-22-2017

This week has been Great on Mon. meet with someone that will put me in contact with church leaders all across Ga. which will really help move our goal to go on the road with the Cross full time this year. also yesterday I rewired the lights on the trailer as we prepare to be on the road again from 3-9-2017 through 3-12-2017. So please keep  Praying for the Holy Spirit to touch those that see the cross as we travel. Christ be with you all.

Join us in sharing the Cross and Message of Christ

The wrist bands for the Ministry came in this week and will be for keeping the Cross on the road for Christ more this year than Last Year. Each band has two Messages on it one being I shared the Cross of Christ and the other Jesus died for You.
These bands will be given to anyone that donates at least $ 2.00 to keep the Cross moving across America. You will also find our contact info.if you would like to have some bands for your Church or if you would like to have the Cross come to your Church.
If any would like to have a wrist band for yourself you can find a donate button on the web page. we would love to send you two bands for $5.00 including shipping. Key chains are same as bands.




Moving Forward


Moving forward to all the Pastors that follow this site and any others that want to be part of sharing the Cross to the Lost Souls across America. Christians Standing Up For Christ Jesus in looking for 100 Churches or Concerned Christians that would be willing to donate $100.00 this year to help us step out full time in moving the Cross across America. From that point we will need about 2500 Church,s or Concerned Christians willing to donate $ 50.00 a year to allow us too stay on the road for Christ between 200-250 days a Year until we visit every city and town in America.
Now I place this before Christ and each of You and stand ready to do Christ Will in reaching the Lost Souls across America with your help and Prayers.


How you can share Christ Cross with us.

We are in the process of making it easy for you to help us share Christ Cross as we are having some wrist bands made that will allow all that support the Ministry to also wear a wrist band with not only a Cross on it .

It will also have 2 messages on it that will allow each of you to share Christ easily as you go through your everyday life.  We will also be getting some key holders with with the Cross and Messages on them. They should be in by Mar.1,2017.


Time for another trip with the Cross we will be leaving out on Mar. 9 2017 through Mar.12 . This time we are going to go to the Smokey Mtn. area of Tn. to Pray for those that were hit by the fire last year. We ask that you begin to Pray that some up there will see the Cross and come to Christ as Lord.

We also ope to be able to share some pictures with you from there that some how the Lord is already working there.