Ministry Update 1-30-2017


Ministry update today i received the legal papers that must be signed and sent in to the I.R.S. so the Ministry will be a 501c3
so I ask for Prayer as God moves us forward in His work.
We also just ordered some new wrist bands that will allow us to help those that support this Ministry to share the Cross and the Message of Christ every day as they meet others. Thank all that have stood behind the Ministry and the moving of The Cross across America . We promise as Christ calls and provides that I will be doing all he ask for as long as Christ will needs me.





Yesterday at The Rock Baptist Church in Tyrone, Ga. we had Mark Mirza of Common Thread Ministries who came to speak to use on Prayer. He taught us in Sunday School hour and the service time and had q&a during a lunch after Church. He and his wife were very nice and Mark had a lot to teach us.
Mark speaks all around the world on Prayer and the powerful use of it in our daily lives. I will be sharing more about his Ministry as I get it. If any Pastors would like more info. on Mark just email me at
I will add that Mark is planning a 50 Pastor/Teacher trip to Kenya in 2018 so please be in Prayer for this Mission Trip.

Moving Forward with Christ Work


Today I come to ask each of the Ministry followers a very important question . Would you be willing to help move the Cross of Christ across America and share the the message yourself by wearing a wrist bracelet that had a Cross on it with the message on one side that read I SHARED CHRIST CROSS with a Cross before and after the message. Then the other side would say Jesus Died For You with Cross before and after message. We could also have with the picture of the Cross and Trailer on it and old fashion church fans.




Good morning all I have not posted much other than shares in the last week or so as America changed Leaders.Yet today I would like to say as I have seen all that has been going on I do find reason to have increased hope for America and our right to share the Hope of Jesus to those around us. Let all Christians prepare to make use of this time in America to be used by Christ to tell others about what He did for Us and would also do for any would call upon His Name.



Update Christians Standing Up For Christ Jesus is in the last stages of being a 501-3c so those that help keep the Cross moving can take this tax help. While we are in these days of waiting as Christ prepares to send the Cross out more days we are going to try to finish going to every city in GA.. Please be in Prayer as we go into this next level of service for Christ. and as Christ opens doors in Ga. and across America. Remember the main purpose of this Ministry is to share the Hope of Christ by sharing Christ Cross in every City in America.





It use to be everyone told us Christians there was NO GOD and that was to be the end of it . Now I find that everyone is saying that every way we believe will get us to Heaven even though God,s Word The Holy Bible says No One comes to the Father EXCEPT THROUGH THE BLOOD OF HIS SON JESUS CHRIST.
Now with this being said some Pastors want to say it is like getting to any city where there are many roads in which you can get to IT.. That works very well getting to a city in this country ,but I do not know of any road that I can drive from Atlanta, Ga. to England or from in city in America that you may live in.
Seeing that Heaven is more like an Island not a city and God,s Word said we will meet Christ in the Air and that the Price for that trip MUST BE PAID FOR IN BLOOD then who has Paid for your,s and my way? Then also ask yourself this one Question if God allowed his OWN SON TO DIE ON ACROSS and there is other ways to get to Heaven do you really think you and I have a CHANCE of getting there any other Way?
Jesus Christ Himself Said. I am the WAY and the LIGHT and NO MAN COMES TO THE FATHER EXCEPT THROUGH ME!


As Good As it can Be as you Age

I spent a lot of my life driving a truck all over America and Canada until just about a year ago. Then I went to work 2 days a week as a driver for an Assisted Living Home and I found myself getting to know all these people around me . I got to laugh and play bingo and carry them to their Dr. visits. The hardest thing I deal with is watching as some pass away just as I get to know them.
Today 1 of them was given a farewell party as they are leaving at the end of the month. The best part about their leaving is that this 84 year old is moving in with family in Fl. having her own space in their house and yet having family with her every day. Now that is got to be the greatest thing that could happen if you know what i mean.



This morning as I sit and look out my window I see ice covering the things outside.Then I am watching just as the Sun comes through the clouds to make it look like a winter wonderland. To top all this off I am watching the birds come to the feeders just outside my windows as they begin their day with the seeds they need.
I am alive and can watch God,s workmanship outside my window want else do I need to believe in Him?





You know as we here a lot about new beginnings I think of some in God’s Word. Like the Ark when all mankind started over again and when God led His People out of Egypt with Moses. Both of these new beginnings had the same results as their first starts did. So I find myself asking if 2017 is to be a new beginning for America what must we the Church do to ensure Americas NEW beginning ENDS with a better result than the first did and draws us to a better place than America is in Now?

The Church I Visited 1-1-2017



This is the Church and was at Sun. 1-1-2017 in McCalla,Al.. The members there were very friendly and open to visitors.
I ask that you be in prayer for them as their Pastor who is 87 years old and has Pastored for 65 years is preparing to step down and they are seeking whom God would use to Pastor the Church.
Thank God for the serve of this Pastor and Church and Pray as they seek the next Leader of this Church.