501-3c almost done


Well I just got an email that the paperwork for me to send into the IRS to get the Ministry to be a 501-3c is in the mail to me. We have already become a nonprofit in Ga. I ask that all will be in Prayer as we complete this process and that it will help us spend many more days on the road with the cross and Message for Christ.

Thanksgiving 2016 at our house


Due to work our family had our Thanksgiving Dinner yesterday evening. As I looked around a table of ten I saw nine family members from myself to a seven month old great grandson that had at least one time in their live that could have taken them out of our life. When you see nine out of ten family members still with you when they could have been missing it really is a true THANKFUL THANKSGIVING.

Hope of Christ



Another Thanksgiving has come and gone and I Pray all your Family’s were safe.Now as we prepare to celebrate the Birth of Christ let us all be in Prayer as to not only think of gifts and family rather think of Christ Gift to us and how we can serve Him by sharing it with others now and all next year. What greater Gift could we give others than Christ gift of Eternal Peace.

Thanksgiving 2016


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day and family and friends will all come together. I would ask that each of us would look around the table and ask ourselves if we know for sure that each of our family members and our friends belong to Christ Jesus? IF we cannot say yes in our minds let us take the name of every one we are not sure of before the Lord in Prayer. Then keep Praying for these until we know that they safely under the Blood of Jesus Christ!




Good morning all and many thanks to you for following our page. Yesterday the church I attend had a service like I have never been in before.We gather in the greeting area and in quietness we went into sanctuary and were lead in a committed Prayer service some parts were private Prayer some led Prayer and some small group Prayer. Then we all went to fellowship hall for our church Thanksgiving spread dinner.(hard to beat a good Baptist pot luck meal). In closing let we WISH CHRISTS BLESSINGS AND LOVE TO ALL OF YOU!




I have a very important Question to ask this morning. If you could reach 1 LOST SOUL for Christ would you share $1.00 and would ask others to also. If your answer is yes please share this to your friends on Face Book.
NOW the TRUTH TEST if you truly want to help get the message of Christ before Lost Souls in America Please send $1.00 to Christians standing up for Christ Jesus
6154 Lower Dixie Lake Road
Union City,Ga. 30291
Every dollar will put the Message of Christ before at least 20 people. We all know that every act we do to Share Christ that God will BLESS.





These last 3 days are very saddening to me as I see just how low those that call themselves Americans will go. They have no respect for the property of others or the rule of LAW. As Christians let us all Pray that Christ will somehow touch each of these and give them hope and a new direction for their lives before it is to late.