Even as I have been sharing post about the elections this morning I find myself thinking about something we need to be praying for thats coming before the elections.
Our Kids are going back to school starting this week in some areas and our Prayers are needed because of all the things that they will be taught that goes against what the Lord says in His Word and what America has stood for in the Past. I hope many Churches will bath the youth in Prayer in the coming school year. Also Pray for the teachers and other school staff that Christ will touch then and first call them to Himself and then use them to Protect our Kids and show them the Love of Christ.

LAST TRIP 7-22-AND 7-23-2016

On the last trip I went about 1100 miles in part of 4 states. Thousands saw the Cross and hundreds gave thumbs up or waves as they saw the Cross and Messages. Many took pictures of the Cross to share with others and 1 lady from Ohio asked me to stand on the trailer between the Cross and Message and tell what the Trailer is for as she made a video. So please be in prayer that her video will draw someone to Christ as Saviour and Lord.

7-22 and 23-2016

Time again for the Cross and Messages to be on display. Tomorrow I will leave going east out of Atlanta on I-20 to I-26 in Columbia ,S,C. to I-95 south to Jacksonville,FL. This is where I will stay Friday night then leave Sat. morning going west on I-10 to just below Al. where I will turn north toward Columbus, Ga. and home Saturday evening. I ask that you be in Prayer that the Holy Spirit touch some as they see Christ Cross and that some will be drawn to find Christ Forgiveness and Salvation from seeing The Cross.
If you will be along this Route and want to see the Cross contact me at 770-722-2110 and I will try to meet and allow you to see it.

Lost Souls Need Us To Stand Up for Christ Now in America

Today as we learn of more shootings and more about how those in office are getting off free from things that would put us in Jail. I cannot help but see how great the NEED is for those that serve Christ to RISE UP and Share Christ with all around US before it is too LATE. Every day we wait too share Christ means that more SOULS will be Lost for all Eternity without Christ. Many of these Souls could well be those that we Love and call Family. When will you Stand Up and Share the Hope of Jesus Christ with all those around You? Remember we Know Not when Christ will Return yet we do have His Promise that he Will Return for ALL that know Him AS LORD AND SAVIOUR! PLEASE COME TO CHRIST BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE. Father I Pray that all that will read this will come too know Christ as Saviour and Lord of ALL and that those with LOST ONES as Family and Friends will share this message with Then and I Ask You Father to let your HOLY SPIRIT to Draw each one of them to the Cross of Your Son and that ALL WILL COME TO KNOW HIM AS SAVIOUR AND LORD BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE. In Christ name I Pray.