Which Way Will America Go

In just over 5 months AMERICA will be getting a new President and each of us should be part of that choice. This Leader will decide which way America will go as far as coming back to the Moral Values that once made America Great or will America keep walking away from the Values that onced allowed God through His Son Jesus Christ to Bless and Protect America. As I write this message and prepare to turn 66 years old this month I remember the days when I was allowed to Pray in School and when families spent Sundays togeather because stores were closed on Sundays.
I know that some say Christians want to make Moral Values Legal yet they need to understand the Moral Values that Christians are standing up for were put in Place by God Himself long before America ever Was. We must understand that which ever way America goes will never change the Moral Values that each and everyone of Us will answer for when we each DIE.
The only questions America is facing in this up coming election is will God be able to allow his Son to Bless America and Protect America as He did in the Past and Will the next generations of Americans have the Right to be offered the Hope of Salvation and Eternal Peace that only Jesus Christ can Give!
Please remember that every SOUL LIVES for all Eternity yet only those that Know Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord will enjoy an Eternity of Peace and Safety.
Dear Father God as I close this message I Pray that Some Lost Souls will come to know Christ as Saviour and Lord of their Lives and will spend Eternity with You Father for ALL ETERNITY.
Rev Larry Waits


The following is the purposes of the trailer you will see in the pictures too follow. It all started a few years back I was part of a cross walk in our town .When it came my time to carry the cross I lifted it up high not carrying it on my shoulder as others were carrying it. Then there were some comments made about the way I carried the cross. That caused me to go to Christ in prayer as to why I didn’t feel comfortable carrying the cross as the others did.

After sometime I became full of an understanding that the Cross was a way for Christ to for fill God’s plan to rescue Mankind and that mankind should display the cross up high to offer all mankind the Eternal hope of Christ. Not carry it as a burden.

Then I felt myself being called to find a way that the Cross could be displayed before mankind day after day, allowing it to be carried through every city and town in America. So the plans for building the trailer, the Cross and coming up with signs to reach all that would see them were put together

Now as time and provision has allowed the trailer has traveled from city to city for the last two years. Now for the last year I’ve felt it was time do go fulltime for the Lord and spend at least 250 days a year on the road with the trailer for at least the next two years or until Christ says enough.

The trips that have already been taken have showed just some of the ways Christ can use the trailer for his will. Each time we leave out we pray asking Christ to allow us to be where he needs the trailer to be no matter where we planned to be.

In the trips already taken there have been those that have followed until we stopped just to take picture, or to ask for prayer. There have been those that have read the signs as we travel, came up as we fueled the truck to help support the trailer or to encourage us and thank us for what the trailer means.

The trailer can do something that nothing else can do that I know of, taking the Cross of Christ to every city in America for both the lost to see and think about as they are led by the Holy Spirit. Then at the same time encouraging the Church of Christ to stand together to offer the Hope of Christ to all that need Christ. Then it also shows those that say it’s too late or no one cares that there will always be something we can do until Christ comes for His Church. Thank you very much for checking out the Cross and Trailer. Rev Larry Waits

Church went on with no Power

Our Sunday started off a bit off this morning.Arrived for Sunday School and chruch had no power and it was decided to have classes anyway so doors and windows were opened and classes went as planned.. Then came Service and still no power we went ahead and was going to have a short Service with no sound system and no power point for Pastor. Then just as we started to sing our first song the air system came on so then we turned lights on and Pastor got his headset and away he went and we had a good Service.Way to go Church Staff. Satan did not stop our church this time. The Rock Baptist Church Tyrone Ga..

Mettings at the Cross

Meeting at Christ Cross

I am excited to be able to share some of the ways Christ has used the travels of His Cross as we follow his lead. On our first trip out we were traveling through some towns in NE. Ga. And NW. Sc. when I felt led to change our route to include 2 more towns on our way back to I-20 to get fuel. I did not notice a car turning at every turn we were making yet when we pulled into a Q.T. station my wife and another lady went in to pay for fuel. While they were a car that got gas pulled off to the side of trailer and got out coming over to ask if when his wife came out if he could stand on the trailer beside the Cross and have his picture taken. He told me they had been following us for about 12 miles hoping we would stop.  I gladly said yes and they took several pictures some including us then we had Prayer for them and went on our way.

On the next day of this trip which ended up being a 7-day trip we were just outside of Boone N c.. When my wife wanted to stop for snacks so I turned around to a road we had just passed and she went in for shacks and I sat in the truck. I noticed a man reading the messages on the trailer then a young lady came out of the store and they came up to me and asked if I would Pray for them. I asked them what they need Prayer for and the father told me how that he had lost his job and that they had lost their home . He then stated that God had given him a new job and they were living in the Motel 6 next to the station and that when he saw the trailer he felt led to ask if I would Pray with him to ask God to help them find another Home. After we Prayed and talked for a little bit my wife and I left and were on our way again.

These first 2 days taught me that when I take out the Cross and Messages I must be ready to change my plans at any time and allow extra time in each day for whatever Christ has for us to do that day . Still after 3 years of moving Christ Cross as we can I have found that most days will require me to change my plans along the way. Please Pray that my wife or I will always hear and respond each time Christ needs us to follow His Spirit as we travel with His Cross. You can find out more at www,christiansstandingupforchristjesus.com. May Christ keep all of YOU safe as you travel the highways.

Rev Larry Waits

Memorial Day and The Choice we MAKE

As WE come to another Memorial Day we have a lot of choices ahead of us. What America becomes is in the hands of us that follow Christ. The Bible says greater is He that is in US than He that is in the World. The Spirit of God that lives in every Christian United for the Sharing the Hope of Jesus Christ can not be Stopped. The only thing that can destroy America is if those that Belong to Christ sit back and do Nothing or will They will not Stand Up for our Right to Worship our Saviour and Share the Hope He offers all. Each of Us will each make a Decision that will Decide the way America will go. What will Your Choice Be? Will You Stand Up With Christ of will You do Nothing.

On that LAST DAY when We Each Stand Before Christ we will Answer for What we do at This Time in the Nation we Live and Those that that still Need to Know Christ as Saviour. Rev. Larry Waits