The Day after Mothers Day

The day after Mothers Day and all our Mothers will do just what Mothers all ways do . They will be there for thier familys in times of need, in caring for them and in and in Loving and Praying for the daily and Eternal needs of every member of thier Family. Thank you God for Godly Mothers. Until next Mothers Day God Bless All Our Mothers. Rev. Larry Waits

National Day of Prayer Update

National Day of Prayer update
The event went very well there were 6 churches with pastors there and 5 Prayed and spoke we had about 50 people and the Benton manor staff were great they took group photos around the Cross with a Nationl Day of Prayer 2016 banner. I will share more and some photos as soo nas i get then. God Bless each of you for your Prayers on This years National Day of Prayer.

National Day of Prayer 2016

Tomorrow is the National Day of Prayer and each one of us as Christains should go before the Thrown of God in as strong of Prayer as we can and ask God to allow us to have some Leaders that will turn our Nation back to His Will. Let us also commit ourselves to stand with Jesus Christ His Son with all we have and our service be do what ever it takes to ensure that the Message of What Christ did on the Cross will always be shared in America until Christ Return. Rev. Larry Waits


30,000,000 PLUS SOLDIERS OF CHRIST STANDING WITH AN AWESOME GOD      Fellow Christians let us invite you to become one of the 30,000,000 plus soldiers or The Army of Christ .Christians committed to standing up for the Word of God. Christians concerned for the Lost Souls of America and the rest of the world

The requirements are few.  First believe in the God that created Heaven and Earth. Second to have accepted the Blood of Jesus Christ that will save you from Hell. Third like Christ care about all the Lost Souls Satan is trying to steal each and every day.

Now is the time for every Christian to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Time to stop allowing Satan to steal the Moral rights and values that were given to us by God. Time to insure future generations of Americans will be able to hear the Word of God and have a morally safe nation to live in.

What must we do? First pray on a regular basis for God to unite his people into an Army able to stand against Satan and his plans to eliminate the spread of God’s Word.

To pray for God to give America leaders with the moral values needed to keep America One Nation Standing up for Christ Jesus Forever! Pray that God will use you to stand between Satan and the Lost Souls of this world. Then listen to God’s Holy Spirit and follow his leadership in whatever God needs you to do.

Let me take this time to thank both God and you for standing up and saying No to Satan and for caring about the future of America and the millions of Lost Souls of today and tomorrow.  Rev. Larry Waits