Move the Cross and Share Christ Love

We at CHRISTIANS STANDING UP FOR CHRIST JESUS are excited to share our plans to expand our number of trips across America in 2017! As doors are opened, we will be growing to become full time in our effort of moving the Cross of Christ to every city in our nation.

We need every Christian to come along with us. Help by standing with us showing God just how concerned we all are and join us in Prayer asking Him to allow his Son, Jesus Christ, to begin to heal our Nation, bringing Lost Souls to Jesus, making Him the Savior and Lord of their lives.

We believe that for every Christian who comes alongside in the work of sharing the message of Christ, that God will see our concern and allow Christ to heal and renew America as a Nation Standing Up for Jesus Christ.

You can help open the way for a New Awakening by becoming one of those always before God, ready to do HIS WILL and share His love for Lost Souls. The most important thing you can do to help is PRAY! We also need enough concerned Christians willing to help support our work to keep the Cross of Christ moving to every city in America and show God just how many truly care about where America is headed and the future of the Lost around us. We believe in the Power of Prayer!  We believe God needs to see more concerned and active Christians beseeching HIM to do more for America and the lost around us.

Christians Standing up for Christ Jesus




If You Had No Tomorrow!

What if you got up in the morning and found out it would be your Last Day to live? How would you spend that day? Is there someone you would need to say I Love You to, how about someone you need to forgive or someone you need to ask to forgive you. Is there something Christ has asked you do for Him and you have yet to do it? What about someone that you Love that needs to know about Christ. Has Christ led you to help some Ministry to share the hope He offers to All and you have not? Has Christ asked you to help someone in need and well not now Lord was your answer. How many things would you need to make right if TODAY was your last day to live? Last but surly not least are you yourself right with Christ and ready to meet Him TODAY? Just something you may want to think about before it is your Last day!

Rev. Larry Waits Just Thinking




To every Christian in America this message is for you. Today   we find our nation is falling away from what America began as. America is farther from the Moral and Godly Nation that our forefathers intended than it has ever been seen it’s beginning. America has become a nation that is trying to accept every form of religion and every form of Sin as normal and still hope God will protect us. IT JUST Won’t WORK! I say to each and every Christian that hears this message that America today stands on the same threshold in time that Israel did at the time they went into captivity, the same as Sodom just before God destroyed it.

America has allowed the worship of  False Religions, the spread of ungodly acts, and lies of Satan to become accepted as normal. If we God’s People continue to allow all or any of this to go on in our nation then we ourselves will surely cause God to turn his back on America. Just like he had to do to Israel and Sodom because he is a just God!

Fellow Christians if we want God to continue to protect and bless America as he has in the past then we must do something RIGHT NOW! The only real hope for America is for every Christian in America to not only wake up to what is happening in our nation. We must also be willing to stand up for Christ. To say no more Christian Rights will we give up, no more immoral laws will we accept in our nation, and no more lies of Satan will God’s People believe.

Fellow Christians if you remember nothing else please remember this one thing in God’s word it states ((Greater is he that is in us than he that is in the World)), 1 John 4-4. This means Satan does not have the power to take America from God’s People he can only get it by 1 of 2 ways. 1- God’s People can give it away by doing or saying nothing and letting evil run rampant in our land without Gods People there to keep it in check. (This is known as Tolerance which is one of the lies of Satan that many Christians have fallen for . ). The second way is that God’s People can become so entangled  in the sinful ways of the unsaved, fall for the lies of Satan, or the worship of other Gods. That God will lift his hand of protection from a people and their land and let them go to their own demise.

We must always remember that the God we serve is a just God and that his justice is the same today as it was in the days of Noah and the same as in the days of Moses. Let us also remember that the God we serve is also the same awesome God that went with Daniel into the Lions den, the same God that led Moses as he led his people.

Remember God never changes he’ll guide and protect a people that hears and serves him ! Let us not forget that at some point he must turn away from a none caring ,or a sin centered people or Nation. The hope of America is not in our political leaders, not in our appointed judges, not even in the pulpits of our churches. The only real hope for America is in Christians standing up for Christ ,staying the course that our forefathers began. Serving the only God that can protect America, and the only God that can save the souls of our friends and our loved ones from an ETERNAL HELL!                                                                                                                                                                                            Fellow Christians this day the day you hear or read this message you will make a decision. That decision will be if your going to stand with Christ and your fellow Christians and keep America a Moral Nation, or will you be one of those that sit back and do nothing .  Will you fall for the lies of Satan or Maybe  even try  sinful ways yourself, and give away the protection of God on America and the the hope of our children and grand children of a safe and moral Nation to live in. Give away the hope of lost souls to hear the true word of  God that can save their souls from HELL . Now you must choose .Will you stand with Christ and be a part of seeing Souls lead to Christ, or will you sit back and watch a once great Nation fall from  GODS GRACE  Rev. Larry Waits                                                                                                                   



Americas Greatest Threat Is Already Here


Fellow Christians as you listen to almost every newscast or radio talk show, you will hear about all kinds of threats that face our nation. You are told about terrorist, countries gaining nuclear weapons, global warming and other things that threaten our future. The truth is that none of these threats come close to being the greatest threat facing America Today .

The threat that will be the end of our great nation is being deployed all across our nation as I write this message. This threat is coming from within our state and nations capitals, from our state and federal supreme courts, from the news media, from the entertainment industry and even from many of our church leaders.

The greatest threat that we as Americans have ever faced is a very diverse and multi-leveled plan of Attack. This plan calls for the Dismantling  of the Family as it has existed since creation. This plan calls for end of the value of life. This plan calls for the end or responsibilities of ones choices by eliminating the moral values our nation was founded on. (These moral values being the only true source of a Persons respect for themselves or those around them.) The most powerful part of this plans assault on our nation is an attempt to eliminate the use of or the teaching of THE WORD OF GOD, or the belief in a CREATOR OR SAVIOR.

This deadly plan to destroy America as we know it has been going on for years right before our eyes. Yet many Christians today can’t or won’t admit it’s happening. The leaders of this plan know that by keeping Christians worried about terror from abroad, our jobs, global warming, the cost of oil and many other things that they can keep the only thing that can stop their plan from working at bay.

The threat that this plan brings to our nation is this. The assaults on Americas values and moral beliefs continue to be ignored. If America moves any farther away from the God that our forefathers depended on for protection and blessings at it’s Founding. If Gods People continue to accept and become comfortable within the lifestyle consuming America today. Then America just like Sodom and other nations throughout history will see God’s hand of protection lifted from her, and his blessing will be upon our nation no more. Should this happen than there would be no power on earth that could save America as we know it from destruction as we have never seen before. (I believe we are already standing on that line in the sand where one more wrong move and it could be too late.)

The only thing that can stop this plan from being successful is for every Christian and every American Citizen that believes in good over evil.  To wake up and see the danger at hand and to arise together too face the evil attacking our nation NOW. We must declare by the power of God that we will never give up the fight. Let Gods People never let it be said that America fell because Gods People wouldn’t stand against evil. Let those forces of evil within our nation that are working every day to destroy America take heed. We Gods Children declare we’ll fight to the death just like every American soldier that has ever given his life to keep America free!

Fellow Christians you must decide where you will stand. With those that want to live in a nation of moral values, a belief in family as God planned it to be, the value of life and the hope and belief in the God who created the world. Who sent his SON to die so mankind could have eternal Peace.  The hope of a God that will bless and protect those that chose to love and serve him or will you chose to sit back do nothing and watch as God lifts his hand of protection from America. Will you give away the hope of Future Americans of hearing the word of God and the hope of eternal life with Christ.

The greatest threat America has ever faced is in action now!  So each of us must ask ourselves the greatest question ever asked of American Christians. Will Gods People unite and stand together and face this threat on behalf of our family and friends, every soldier that has ever died for our freedom and for the souls of every American today or in the future? The answer is yours to choose. The Future of America depends on you. The protection and blessing of God on America is riding on the decisions of His People this day! Rev .Larry Waits


Americas only hope


When we that are OWNED by JESUS CHRIST. Bought by the Blood he shed on the CROSS. Stand together with and for JESUS CHRIST and the HOLY WORD OF GOD! Then and only then will He CHRIST JESUS ask His Father GOD to allow HIM to begin to forgive to heal and Bless America again.

His Church must be ready to come forth now as our time has never seen. Ready to stand firm on GODS  WORD and the hope that CHRIST offers to all that will trust in HIM. Being of one purpose to stand against those that would take away our right to share the message of the HOPE of Eternal Peace that only Jesus Christ can offer.

We must make sure that every soldier that has ever given their life to keep America Free. Knows that their family will have a chance to hear the message of Christ Jesus until the day Christ returns. That the message of Jesus Christ must be able to be shared with everyone here in America until Jesus Christ returns for the Church he Died for!

Unless the Church that Christ bought with His own BLOOD stands up NOW!  America will never know the Blessings of Christ on America again!

There is no other Hope for America


This trip was part of 4 days and had 2 First in it. On Fri. when I reached Semmes, Al. a little  early I rode around a little and decided to get fuel before I picked up Derrick after fueling I tried to go out of lot a different way and it was closed as I started to turn around I saw a lady that was following me trying to get a picture of Cross and trailer, so I turned around and stopped and let her take pictures of all the messages and Cross . Her young son got out with her and was asking about the trailer and when his mother finished I helped him up on the trailer and his mother took a picture of him standing by the Cross. Next I picked up Bro. Derrick we had supper then rode around for a couple of hours and then went back to the church . We went inside and talked for a little while and he asked if I would anoint him with oil and Pray for him and then he did the same for me. This was a first in my life and I was very honored by this. Then on Sat. morning we rode around some more and then I left and headed to Center, Al. and mom’s I got there about 5:30 p.m. and will let you know that on the way a lot of those that saw the Trailer blew horns or waved or gave a thumbs up as they went bye which I always give Christ thanks for. On Sunday morning I went to church at The First Baptist Church of Center Al. . The Pastor gave a very good message and the folks were very friendly.

Monday afternoon found me  on the way home and more horns and thumbs up about the Cross and for the first time I received  2 text on my phone thanking me for sharing the Cross and Messages which really did encourage me. May God Bless all that responded to seeing the Cross and for all that Prayed for this Trip.        Rev. Larry Waits

Trip to Semmes Al.

Today has been a great day even though it raind about half the way to Semmes Al. had many people that gave thumbs up and and few horns sounded on he way down and while Bro. Derrick and I traveled around the area. I even had a lady follow me trying to get a picture of the Cross and Messages so I turned arould and parked so see could take pictures for I know she will share thjem with others just as I share them as I travel. Her son about 4 or 5 years old got out and started asking about the trailer and he ended up letting me put him on the trailer so his mother could take a picture of him standing by the Cross.
Then to top off the evening we went to Bro Derricks Church and he asked if we could anoint and Pray for each other. What a way to end a day. We will spend a few hours in the morning riding around the area before I leave to go to Center AL. to see my mom and maybe go to Church with her on Sunday. before heading back home on Monday.
Please keep Praying that someone will be touched by seeing the Cross and come to know Chirst as Lord of thier life before it is too late.


I will be leaving on another trip with trailer with Cross and Messages in the morning. Please be Praying that Christ will gain at least one more Soul safe from Hell as I travel the next 4 days.
P.S.I took the trailer to work today so some could see the Cross 1 medtec went out to look and came back in crying and said she felt Gods Spirit around the Cross.


A Ministry dedicated to carrying the message of Jesus Christ To every town and city in America. We want to offer the Hope That Christ died and paid for with His Blood to ALL! The Cross and Messages on the trailer on this card offers All that see them hope of Eternal Peace and comfort.

We will be spending at least 200 to 250 days a year on the road as God provides the way sharing His Hope. We will stop and share His Hope where ever the door is opened and hope all of Christ Church will be encouraged by seeing the Cross and Messages as they travel and will begin to stand up and begin to take their towns and counties and states back for Christ Jesus.

In this the year of 2016 it is our Prayer that the Church (all those that have come to the Cross Of Christ and received His forgiveness and His Holy Spirit )

Will come along side us as we claim 2015 as the year we reclaim America as ONE NATION STANDING FOR AND WITH JESUS CHRIST. Let us also make 2015 the year

The Church stands between the forces of evil and the Lost Souls around us .Stand with your brothers and sisters in Christ and help return America to the Moral Nation it once was with Moral Values that allowed God to Bless America then.

I Pray as God see’s the Church of His Son stand up for the Word of God and the Cross Of Jesus that he will once again Protect and Bless America Again .That we will be able to share the Message Of The Cross until the day Christ Returns

Rev. Larry Waits