Nov.-Dec trip update


Nov-Dec. Trip update. This is the first time in just over 4 years that I have had to cut short a trip with the Cross. The first day went great then it changed. I made it to Va. to the motel and settled in then I got sick and felt funny and went to bed. The next morning same thing then I found out the parade would go on rain or shine and the site was muddy so I had to back out for this year. I was worried about being to weak and mite fall in the mud and mess up the Cross or get hurt so I stayed at the same place one more night. then when I got up this morning I still felt sick and could not eat so I started home. Drove in the rain almost all the way .
There is still some good news many that saw the Cross waved of gave thumbs up and a couple blew their horns to make sure I saw them give thumbs up.Oh and I did make it home.
Will have to see if I get to make another run this year or not only Christ knows for sure.
Let me thank all of you for your Prayers and support for our trips and for the Holy Spirit touching Lost Souls as they saw the Cross and Messages. Remember to Pray for those that have placed their Prayers in the box on the trailer leaving then for Christ to take care of.



This morning as I sit and think about where our nation is headed in the year of 2019 I find myself reflecting back on 2018. A year full of anger and crime and disasters ,an election that shows two totally different views of where our nation could end up after the 2020 election..
All this being said I cannot tell you where America will end up in 2020 or if the world will still exist after 2019. I as I write this can tell you that there are still millions of Lost Souls in America and the World that still need CHRIST and that we as Christians can be part of sharing the Message of Gods love for them to them today,tomorrow and every day that our world has left
The only question that must be answered is WILL WE?
Will each of us lay aside the things that make us apart and join together to share Christ with those that need Him before it is to late. WILL YOU?



This evening I have 2 things to share with all. First on Dec.1st if everything goes as planned I will be carrying the Cross in A Christmas Parade by hand as no autos are allowed on main street in a western town in N.C.
Next because the Ministry became involved in helping raise funds to help the shooting of a new Christian T.V. Series now being shot named The Chosen we have been allowed to have on my computer the first preview of opening show that I can show at Church’ s. It is the coming to Bethlehem and Christ Birth.
I can truly say AWESOME!


As we move forward to full time moving Christ cross and Messages across America we will be doing a few things just for those that donate to help keep the Cross on the road sharing Christ.

The first 2 things will be a twitter site so we can share with all that come along side in in Christ work up to date at a second. Then we will begin a Prayer Book where we will have the names of all that are part of making all this possible that will be with me at all times to make each one part of the work every day we travel.

I will also be Praying over these names Daily for God,s Blessing,s and protection and provisions for each of you.


Road map to next step of going full time moving Christ Cross. We will be doing Nov. and Dec. trip together. The trip will begin on Nov.28 and we will come back home on Dec. 3 2018.
Between now and then we will be looking fir Church’s and Christian Radio Station’s where will can share about the Ministry. Please share with all you know and be in Prayer as we take this next step for Christ and all the Lost Souls in America. Rev.Larry Waits.



Everybody let us not forget all that have served to ensure America is still able to have Freedoms and Rights as we still do . Also as Christians let us come together with the same Devotion and and concern for the Family’s of all that have served.Making Sure that every future generation of their family’s will have the chance to hear the Love of God offered them through THE BLOOD OF CHRIST that was SHED FOR ALL that will believe and receive it UNTO ETERNAL PEACE AND COMFORT WITH CHRIST AND HIS FATHER GOD!



I need everyone that follows our page and all our Church’s that we are followed by and that we follow to come along side Us IN SHARING the CROSS OF CHRIST across America.
To take the Cross on the road for 275 to 300 days in 2019 I need 70,000 Church’s and concerned Fellow Christian’s to Pray and see if Christ would have you donate $1.00 To help move Christ Cross full time in 2019. I believe WE can do this for the sake of the LOST SOULS across America.
The time has come for US to show GOD if we can come together for the work of sharing Christ Cross.

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Americas 2018 Election

Tonight  Nov.5, 2018 Each and everyone of US AS CHRISTIANS should be before God in Prayer before tomorrows final VOTES. Because the outcome of this Election could answer one of 3 questions.

1-Will America turn back toward being a Christian Nation that God can Bless?

2- Will those that want to destroy this Nation and take away everything that offers all Eternal Peace and Comfort with God and Christ move closer to their Goals?

3-Has America the Time and Will to turn our Nation back to a Path upon which God can Still Bless and Protect America?

Let each of us as concerned Christians Pray an ask God and commit ourselves to be used by God to use every DAY THAT GOD ALLOWS AMERICA to still have the Freedom to SHARE THE CROSS OF CHRIST to the FULLEST!