Another SAD DAY in America has just happened. Those of US that truly know Christ as Lord should take time to Pray for those killed and hurt and their family,s.

Then we  should ask ourselves could we have stood up for Our lord and not given away the right to share Christ in our schools and stopped the 18 MASS SHOOTINGS  that have taken place in just 45 days of 2018 here in AMERICA.

Then we must ask ourselves WILL I STAND UP FOR CHRIST NOW to make sure we loos no more rights that keep us from sharing Christ to ALL around us every day.

I cannot help but question about how many or those killed in these 18 Mass Shootings would still be ALIVE today if only Christians had used the Power given to US by GOD to Stand for CHRIST just 10 years ago. I also wonder how many Killed in these 18 Shootings will never SEE HEAVEN because Christians did not Stand up for Christ Stronger 10 years back.

Just Thinking. Rev. Larry Waits  2-14-2018



It is a great think that through Facebook we can encourage each other. Yet with encouragement we receive God expects us to turn it into actions that will lead others to Christ or make the lives of others better off . Can God use the encouragement he sends your way to get you to become involved in leading others the the Cross of Christ and Eternal Peace?


Thank each of you that have come to our web page, please come back several time and check out several messages or pictures. We Pray that by redoing the messages that our page will grow and many will see our messages and come to know Christ as Lord of their Lives. Please fill free to share the messages with others. Thanks and God,s Blessing on each of YOU.  Rev.Larry Waits


On our coast to coast trip we traveled 5400 miles in 11 states taking 11 days.We went through 13 major city,s . Can only guess at how many thousand,s saw the Cross and Messages. I do know that hundreds gave us thumbs-up of waved each day of the trip.Please Pray with us that the Holy Spirit will draw some to Christ Cross and Eternal Peace in Heaven as a result of seeing the Cross as it traveled across America.


Day Eleven of Coast to Coast Trip
The last day of this trip is here and this evening will be back home. We traveled about 5400 miles these 11 days, and thousands saw the Cross and Messages. Our Prayer is that some will come to know Christ as Saviour and Lord of their Life.
We are ready as God provides to hit the road again with the Cross. Please Pray God will still keep the door open for Lost Souls to come to Christ.



Day Five of Coast to Coast trip.

Today went very well and had many that saw the Cross and Messages and waved of gave thumbs up and many took pictures of as they passed by. Don the gentleman that I Prayed with in Jax., Fl. on day one of trip called me today to say thank you and how the Prayer has helped. Then he said he would call again just to see how the trip was going.

Also when iI checked in at Blythe, Calif. the owners came out and looked at the Cross and then came to my room and I showed them the video of the Cross going from light to dark and back to light that I made during the Eclipse last year.This couple is not of the Christian Faith so please join me in Praying that what they saw and heard will bring them to Christ cross and Salvation.


Third Day of Coast to Coast Trip

We had a good trip today a little hard rain at first then it cleared up. there were a lot that waved of gave thumbs up as they passed today. When we got to New Orleans we rode up and down several streets and then went to the New Orleans Baptist Seminary. There we took some pictures then were on the road again. We stayed in Gonzales, Tx. last nite.