This morning as I think about the up coming elections along with all the uproar of the last few weeks. I find it very important that those of us that serve Christ could even consider not VOTING in this election of voting for anyone that wants to pass laws that would take our Christian rights away.
Yet I hear many that say I am a Christian that are willing to do just that and all I know to say is GOD PLEASE HELP MY FELLOW CHRISTIANS TO STAND FOR YOUR VALUES AND NOT OUR WANTS.AMEN!

Ministry Update

Ministry update last weekend we took the Cross and Messages on the road again. This was our 9th month in a row this year. Praises to God and thanks to all of you that gave to make these trips happen. Just 3 more months and we will have completed a whole year of Ministry trips with the Cross and Messages.Please stay in Prayer that God will provide for and show us where He needs the Cross and Messages to travel these next 3 months of 2018.




IN the day we are living our nation America is headed down the track to destruction on a fast train. We seen unable to find a unity within the Christian body of Christ that will allow us to even slow this train down much less stop it and turn it around.
Even though this MUST BE DONE if we are going to bring Gods Blessing and Protection back on America. Only by those that belong to the Family of Christ working in step with Christ and each other can we show those that are in NEED of CHRIST the hope and power that can give them Eternal Peace and Joy for all Eternity!
Will YOU join your FELLOW CHRISTIANS in taking America back for Christ and those that are on THEIR WAY TO ETERNAL PAIN AND SUFFERING.


A few thoughts as we finish two thirds of 2018. Let us remember that this is a mid-term election Year and what the persons we vote into office could very well vote in a way that will change our rights as Christians. Also our leaders need to be led be Christ in their votes if God is going to Protect and Bless AMERICA as a NATION.
Next so far this year there has been a lot more anger and bitterness between us as Christians on Face Book and that hurts the work of Christ more than we could ever believe .As Satan loves to use the words of Christians to Stop others from ever wanting to come to Christ.
So let us all thing and Pray so God will allow us Leaders that He can use to keep America under His Protection and Blessings
Also let US AS CHRISTIANS ask God to work together in peace and harmony thus taking the Power away form Satan to us our words to keep LOST SOULS from coming to Christ AS SAVIOUR AND LORD of their LIVES!



Day 2 and day 3 went different from day 1 as on day 2 I tried to miss some road const and ended up going almost 600 miles and still found more road const. I was on the road for 11 hours day 2. Yet the good side of day 2 a whole lot of folks saw the cross and Messages. Many did wave of give thumbs up. Day 3 saw more road const. and I will share about one young man that past by and looked at the Cross and Messages then past on ahead then he slowed down and got back beside the trailer and read the Message on that side and gave a thumbs up and went on ahead again.
Tomorrow for day 4 I will be leaving Elizabethtown,Ky. going I-65s to Nashville,Tn. to I-24E to Choo-Choo,Tn. to I-75 to home.