Fathers day 2018


Let me ask each Father this morning are you a Child of God the Heavenly Father? If not I Pray this morning that God will begin a new work in you through Christ Gods own SON.
Next if you are a Christian Father are you taking a stand for and with Christ that will ensure that America will always be a Nation where all the kids of every Father in America will know the hope and Eternal Peace that God offers them through the Cross of Christ?

Ministry Update

Update about 10 days back I shared that I would be making a decision about what direction the Ministry would be going next. The choice I have made is to allow us to change from staying in hotels to being able to stay in campgrounds and truck stops and other places where we can meet and fellowship with those puts in our daily path. I will on Monday be taking a stress test so I can again use my commercial license and the health God still allows me to have to become able to get a motor home to pull the Cross across AMERICA.
The rest of this year we will still be doing at least one 3 day Ministry per month if God allows. God has allowed me to work for someone I know that believes in what Christ has me doing and is willing allow me time to do Gods will.
Please be in Prayer for Gods Work and Leadership as the Ministry serves and grows serving Christ Our Lord
Rev. Larry Waits


How do we get Gods work done? By working together for Christ Cause.If we had 10,000 fellow Christians sharing $1.00 a mouth to a cause for one year just think what that cause could do. Now if you had 100,000 Christians doing this then split in to 10 causes for Christ work how much could be done . and yet no one would have spent more tan $12.00 per year and yet thousands could be reached for Christ and many others needs provided for and all would received Blessings and rewards from God and Christ!
Then all doing something to keep Gods WORK moving with all receiving Blessing for Above can grow into something that can becomes something that cannot be stopped.


I am at awe that for the first time since the trailer was ready to travel that Christ has allowed us to make a trip for all 6 months of 2018 PRAISE GOD
Now we ask you to Pray for God to show us what next as you know we are wanting to change from pulling the Cross with a pickup and staying in hotels to pulling the Cross around with a small motor home so we can stop at camp grounds or truck stops and church events and more.This way we can show Christian Movies and start fellowship talks every evening we are on the road.
The two ways we see right now is for me to go back to work full time to raise the funds to move forward or our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to come along side the Ministry to make this happen. We will be asking God to show use His Will in this decision. Rev.Larry waits


Lately I have been saddened by all the back and forth about the different Bible Versions,because Satan is using this to divide what few workers Christ has at the same time allowing the Lost to see how even Christians can not find a ground where they can work together for Christ and that hurts the Work of Christ I will be Praying if I am going to have to unfriend those that must keep posting this type of post allowing Satan to use them against what we as Christians and Ministers all call to do.
I Pray that if we believe That God Created Everything and that His Son Christ Died upon The Cross to Bring All that would Confess their Sins and Receive Him as Lord and Saviour of their Life and That Christ Blood is the only WAY TO ETERNITY WITH GOD. Then Please let US work together to bring others to Christ and not to separate ourselves.

Planning for the rest of 2018


This evening I need to ask all that follow our page 1 question yet you can answer in 1 of 2 ways . Would you ever donate even 1dollar to help us keep the Cross of Christ moving across America, or would you be willing to donate a one time $10.00 donation before the end of June to help us go full time on the road with the Cross of Christ for the rest of 2018 . Then we will watch and see what GOD WILL DO FROM THERE? If you are a pastor of a church would you ask your people if they would consider a one time $100.00 donation from your Church to help keep the Cross of Christ moving this year as we have for the first time made a trip each of the first six months which includes 1 the first weekend in June that a person form a church in S.C. has already help cover.
Thank each of you that will at least Pray and consider helping us SHARE CHRIST CROSS the rest of this year.
Rev. Larry Waits revlarrywaits@outlook.com.


As I said when I posted the picture of Tony here is a little more about him and what he is being called to do. To all my Christian Pastors and Friends in N.E Al. and N.W. Ga. this man you will want to work with.
Tony has never lived outside of Dothan, Al.yet now God has laid on his Spirit to go north But not to far as he feels called to go just north of I-20 in that general and start a Christian retreat. He also has been led and has almost finished a trailer that is a full kitchen for disaster relief use. Tony not long ago just built a new home and felt God ask if it would give it up for HIM and Tony has sold that house to follow Christ as God LEADS.So please Pray for and as I talk with him more I will yet you know how to contact him to work with him in Christ moving the Church Foward.


Also in the last two days I have been contacted by a couple from Kansas City that have produced some CD,S or DVDS for young kids about faith and other matters of respect. I will be working with them in the eastern states after I have viewed them. there is 11.1/2 hours on each set of these. I hope to be able to let your youth group to do these as fund raisers and keep at least $5.00 per set for your Church. Will let you know more as I find out. Be in Prayer about this also as it will help them ,help your Church and Help me keep the Cross on the Road more as every thing I get will go to that .




Had a good day even with the rain today. I did take a little time to look at some used smaller motor homes today , as some of you know that is where we are moving toward as then we could stay at campgrounds and truck stops or even rest areas at night . This would allow us to show Christian Movies and have more one on one fellowship with other Christians or those that still need Christ. I am in Adel ,Ga.tonight and plan to be in Dothan,Al. tomorrow nite if all goes as Planned . Will head back home on Sunday and do not know just where Christ will have me at Church time for me to visit. God Bless all and thanks for the Prayers and the support of those that help keep the Cross moving across America