Today I want to share some encouraging thoughts that should help all Christians know that Christ is still in Control.
First in the last 7 or more years Christian based Movies have been see by Millions all across America and still today there are more being made that help Lead Lost Souls to Christ Praise God.
Next more and more States are Finally passing Laws that Protect the Lives of unborn Girls and Boys. Thus allowing God to Let Christ Protect America more and more. 
There are many other fronts that we need to stand up for Christ and Gods Word in our Nation and with Christ as our Lord I Pray more and more Christians will Stand with their Brothers and Sisters in Christ. So Many more Lost Souls Will Be Saved By the BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST .
Please Remember The Eternal Peace or Torment will depend on how many Christians Stand Firm for The Cross and The Word of God Until Christ RETURNS TO CLAIMS HIS CHURCH!

Getting Cross Ready for the Next Phase of Christ Work

Well wed. i get to quit wearing to splint and on May,15 I go back to Dr. to see how all is doing. I have been looking at Cross sites and also checking on the new bed for the truck to mount the Cross and Messages on. The cost to buy the bed and have it mounted will be about $5500.00. Then i will still be able to pull the trailer and share the Cross while the brace for the cross and the Frame to mount the Messages are being built and mounted.The bed that is on the truck now and the trailer will be sold to pay for the work to mount the Cross and Messages on the new bed. Please Pray and ask the Lord to provide for this change over. Then we will begin looking for a Camper that will allow us to come out of staying in hotels and begin staying in campgrounds and rest areas and truck stops to have fellowship with others every afternoon and evenings.
If you feel led to be part of this work we welcome any donation as every cent used for Christ work is Blessed.
You can donate on face book or pay pal or By Mail at 
Christians Standing Up For Christ Jesus
6154 Lower Dixie Lake Road
Union City Ga. 30291
Thank you all for Prayers and Support 
Rev. Larry Waits

Getting Ready to Hit the Road for Christ once more.

These past few weeks have been very hard as the urge to be moving the Cross and Messages is what I love most to do yet I must follow Dr. orders until I get the word I can go.
I am ready when ever God is and I can not wait be start back Checking the Crosses Across America Cross,s .I have made up my mind that I will acquire everything I need to paint and repair everyone I can myself so as many as possible will be back in shape to serve Christ as soon as they can be.
Please be in Prayer as we prepare to move the Cross and Messages on to the truck so we can pull a camper with us as we travel. This will allow us to set up in campgrounds and check all the Cross,s close by and also allow us to have fellowship talks and meetings with others each evening. God Bless Rev. Larry Waits

Let Christ Use Someone to be there for You

Let me share something that someone or more than one may need to here. A friend of mine that i have know and his parents for many years is under a load of stress and needed someone to talk to so he called and we talked.
If your life is putting a lot of stress on you please find a friend or Pastor that you can talk to and trust to allow another brother or sister in Christ help you by letting you share what you need so we can Pray for or with you. This can help you release and also allow someone to serve Christ by Praying and being there to help by giving you a way to know you are not alone in your time of stress.
Remember GOD LOVES YOU and is ready to Help you in times of Stress Praying for all in Stress this Morning