The plans are still is the works for our trip this weekend.We will be working with Christians in Fl. to start getting a set of three Cross back in good shape. Will also be visiting some Churches and moving the Cross and Messages around for 4 days. Please join us in Prayer again that Some will come to Christ or at least begin their walk to Christ Cross and Eternal Peace and comfort as they see the Cross and Messages.

American Congress Plays God

Well our leaders in congress have done it again. In a vote about Life that ONLY GOD GIVES our servants have decided that even if God saves a baby from abortion they have the right to allow Gods creation to be KILLED!
Dear GOD please forgive Us the members of YOUR SON,S CHURCH as We have allowed this to happen here in America by Our Votes or non Votes. Father God Please allow this to WAKE CHRIST CHURCH UP that We will unite with Christ and and Stand for YOUR WILL and turn OUR NATION back toward YOU AND YOUR SON CHRIST NOW! That more Souls and Baby’s Lives with be safe for ALL ETERNITY WITH YOU GOD.
Rev. Larry Waits


This morning I went to Palmetto Baptist Church in Palmetto, Ga. and was amazed as they have this fairly new building. They hold services in a part of the building that is as sanctuary and basketball court. I had seen the basketball court before and could not believe it was the same room until someone should me the court lines on the floor.. Pastor Orr has a great way with all his members and guest. This church even has members that sign for deaf members and i watched as two young girls signed as the praise group sang a song. What a Blessing to see our young people being prepared in special ways of Christian service.


I can not but wonder what God things or our leaders and their NEW GREEN DEAL. Who do they thing they they are. Can Mankind stop the Rain or the wind and Cold . Which one of these that are for this deal can tell the sun to back up or tell the waters to part. God and God alone can withhold the rain or send fire from Heaven at his will. 
If these new leaders want to play god then they best be ready to see the only REAL GOD THE ONE WHO FORMED THE AIR AND EARTH AND ALL LIVING THINGS show them who is really in Charge!


The rest of Feb. we will be visiting local Churches and working on the trailer to get ready to leave out on Mar. 8 through mar 11 as we see it right now. Will hopefully be working with Crosses Across America on this trip helping to find some churches to repair and kelp up one of the Three Crosses along our highways. They supply all material just need people to do the work.


This morning I find myself asking a very important question did America go past the point of no return to being a Christian Nation in the mid term elections. Did so many that got elected hate what America stands for and do not want Christ in their lives that they are willing to PUSH AMERICA so for for a Moral Nation that God will have to turn HIS back to America and remove His Hand of protection from AMERICA.
As state after state begin to pass laws that allow the killing of a newborn even after delivery how can God still look upon our Nation?