Road map to next step of going full time moving Christ Cross. We will be doing Nov. and Dec. trip together. The trip will begin on Nov.28 and we will come back home on Dec. 3 2018.
Between now and then we will be looking fir Church’s and Christian Radio Station’s where will can share about the Ministry. Please share with all you know and be in Prayer as we take this next step for Christ and all the Lost Souls in America. Rev.Larry Waits.



Everybody let us not forget all that have served to ensure America is still able to have Freedoms and Rights as we still do . Also as Christians let us come together with the same Devotion and and concern for the Family’s of all that have served.Making Sure that every future generation of their family’s will have the chance to hear the Love of God offered them through THE BLOOD OF CHRIST that was SHED FOR ALL that will believe and receive it UNTO ETERNAL PEACE AND COMFORT WITH CHRIST AND HIS FATHER GOD!



I need everyone that follows our page and all our Church’s that we are followed by and that we follow to come along side Us IN SHARING the CROSS OF CHRIST across America.
To take the Cross on the road for 275 to 300 days in 2019 I need 70,000 Church’s and concerned Fellow Christian’s to Pray and see if Christ would have you donate $1.00 To help move Christ Cross full time in 2019. I believe WE can do this for the sake of the LOST SOULS across America.
The time has come for US to show GOD if we can come together for the work of sharing Christ Cross.

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Americas 2018 Election

Tonight  Nov.5, 2018 Each and everyone of US AS CHRISTIANS should be before God in Prayer before tomorrows final VOTES. Because the outcome of this Election could answer one of 3 questions.

1-Will America turn back toward being a Christian Nation that God can Bless?

2- Will those that want to destroy this Nation and take away everything that offers all Eternal Peace and Comfort with God and Christ move closer to their Goals?

3-Has America the Time and Will to turn our Nation back to a Path upon which God can Still Bless and Protect America?

Let each of us as concerned Christians Pray an ask God and commit ourselves to be used by God to use every DAY THAT GOD ALLOWS AMERICA to still have the Freedom to SHARE THE CROSS OF CHRIST to the FULLEST!



This morning I ask that you keep Praying about what God will for my next step is to be . I had something happen yesterday that has me asking if God is saying get ready to go full time with the Cross. Yesterday and last week the Ministry received a donation from someone that is following us on face book and if between 700 and 1000 Christians were to do this once a year we could be full time by Jan.1 2019 and spend at least 275 days next year sharing the Cross and Messages across America.
To those two that are now part of sharing the Cross of Christ to the Lost of America God Bless You. Your 50 and 100 dollar will put the Cross on the road for one more day
and and we Pray at least one more Soul will come to Christ or begin the journey to the foot of Christ Cross.


The freedom we have to live in a nation that allows us to become all we are willing to be and still have the right to serve a Saviour that gave his Life for each of US should never be taken for granted. Our forefathers risked all they had even their lives to found a Nation like America.

Generation after generation has fought and worked hard to give the following generation an life full of hope and chance to live in a nation which allows then to provide for their family and still be able to come to know of a Saviour that can and will give then not only a Blessed life here but also offers all that will receive it an Eternity of Peace and Safety with Him and GOD THE FATHER. So let us not be the GENERATION that loses this right for the generations that follow after us. We must stand up for the right to have and share with those we meet the Promise of Love that God showed all mankind when he Allowed His Son JESUS CHRIST DIE on the Cross to make a way for all Generations to be ETERNALLY SAFE from Hell,s Pain and  Suffering.

Let each and every Christian stand together with Christ to ensure all future Americans will always have the chance of Learning about cost our forefathers pain and the Blood and Suffering that Christ suffered to open Heavens Doors for all to Enter In if they so Chose. Rev. Larry Waits




This morning as I think about the up coming elections along with all the uproar of the last few weeks. I find it very important that those of us that serve Christ could even consider not VOTING in this election of voting for anyone that wants to pass laws that would take our Christian rights away.
Yet I hear many that say I am a Christian that are willing to do just that and all I know to say is GOD PLEASE HELP MY FELLOW CHRISTIANS TO STAND FOR YOUR VALUES AND NOT OUR WANTS.AMEN!

Ministry Update

Ministry update last weekend we took the Cross and Messages on the road again. This was our 9th month in a row this year. Praises to God and thanks to all of you that gave to make these trips happen. Just 3 more months and we will have completed a whole year of Ministry trips with the Cross and Messages.Please stay in Prayer that God will provide for and show us where He needs the Cross and Messages to travel these next 3 months of 2018.